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Centerville, Ohio
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Letter to the editor: Answers in Scripture


The quick answer of why does fake news still fail is simply honesty always prevails. President Trump’s mass mandate really was genuine. The 2016 election was not hacked by Russian aliens after all as CNN’s producer admitted on June 27 (that the Russian hacking antics was merely just more fake news). It is truth not […]

Letter to the editor: CNN fake news


The credible Tulsa Beacon had great foresight to run the “Vindicated on Hacking” letter back on May 18. And now, fast forward to today, where it is now proven the hack was actually liberal-driven. Wow. As the clever voters of Bible Nation; formerly The Bible Belt, already knew, it is now confirmed that Russian aliens […]

Letter to the editor: Trump and Russian hacking myth


President Trump’s proven tweets were once again vindicated today. The most frivolous contention from the shortsighted liberals is the odd claim of Russian hacking of the election. Honestly it would be far better sensationalism if the fake news would just come all the way out and say it was Edward Snowden who hacked the election. […]