Joseph G. Glenn

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Letter to the editor: Bridenstine qualified for NASA


As we all know, U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma, is being questioned about his nomination as chief administrator of NASA. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida, is telling us we need someone who knows space flight – not a politician. Let me offer some thoughts. When John Glenn flew in space, he had been appointed because of […]

Letter to the editor: Democrats’ Russian connection


Today, Pravda is promoted and used by the Democrats and Washington Post writers. The national press and Democrats seem to think it helps their cause and do not seem to care that it is harmful to the U.S. Government and our military. It also helps Russia.  But then, so too it helps the Democrats, they […]

Letter to the editor: Why would you vote for a Democrat?


What is truth? This was, of course, a question from Pilot – the governor who judged Jesus Christ. As repeated history keeps telling us, too many do not hear the answer given by Christ: “Hear my words.” Today, the national media, the Democrats (or Pravda as Russia called their propaganda ministry), etc., seem to feel […]

Letter to the editor: Vouchers would help public education


It is noted that a teacher in Del City, Oklahoma, recently made comments on capitalism versus socialism. She teaches history. It looks to me like she is confused. She tells us, “Capitalism benefits some and leaves others out.” In other words, it “takes from the poor and gives to the rich.” We have heard this […]

Letter to the editor: Remember the Cold War


It is obviously a day of shock for the Democrats and the Democrat National Committee and much of the national media, such as the New York Times. It does cause some of us to wonder – does the Times work for the DNC? But then, does the New York Times own the DNC? It is […]

Letter to the editor: Hillary’s ignorance


In regard to Donald Trump’s taxes and Hillary Clinton’s lack of knowledge on legal tax codes, businesses are allowed to deduct losses so that they can stay in business and keep people working. Individuals pay taxes on their incomes and their employers pay many taxes and expenses for them. Some of those are property taxes, […]

Letter to the editor: Playing the race card


On a recent afternoon, I was driving south on Memorial Drive at 2 p.m. By the curb, I saw a black man harassing a black woman and she is fighting him. Normally, I would have picked up my cell phone and reported this to the Tulsa police. However, based on the news of the day, […]

Letter to the editor: Hillary not fit as commander


We do not need an “Aunt Hillary.” After all, we now have an “Uncle Obama.” The “Uncle Tomism” label comes from an 1852 novel by Harriet Beacher Stowe. According to Webster’s Dictionary, “uncle tom” is a policy of relationship between whites and blacks involving a benevolent but patronizing attitude on the part of whites and […]

Letter to the editor: Missing a lesson in history


President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and the rest of the Democrat Party: They want more, more and still more power to control the people. The federal courts under the Justice Department tell medical facilities with birthing services that they must provide death services, that is abortion. Medical service people cannot object to killing babies. […]

Letter to the editor: Unhealthy gay rights


Of course, we hear about “gay rights” on an endless basis. There is a health risk to those who engage in such sexual activity. Our Lord did not design the human body for such activities. If you play in the human septic system (sewer), there is great risk of disease and physical damage as well. […]