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Farmers react to antibiotic regs


STILLWATER– When stricter federal guidelines on the use of some antibiotics for food animals went into effect last year, producers all over the nation, including Jerry Meek in Ada, had a decision to make. Should he spend the time and money to get a Veterinarian Feed Directive authorization from his veterinarian to continue treating his […]

New OSU building handles growth


STILLWATER – People may not know Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks by name, but anyone who enjoys munching on a sandwich or baking a cake benefits from its important work. Now with the grand opening of a new 20,000-square-foot complex Nov. 18, OFSS is poised to continue its explosive growth. “The new complex is designed to […]

Watch for walkers and kids on bikes


STILLWATER – When school begins this fall, many Oklahoma students will arrive by bus or car, while others will walk or ride bicycles, and that means keeping some important safety precautions in mind. Walking and biking are easy, reliable ways to get anywhere, including to school, and are environmentally friendly and offer a great way […]

Lice problems at summer camps?


STILLWATER – With school out, many youths may be heading off to camps and conferences for part of their summer break. If that is the case, both children and parents should know how to protect against head lice. Because there are so many kids from different home environments coming together at one focal point, children’s […]

Electric space heaters can be useful


STILLWATER – When families want to ward off winter’s chill in a specific part of the home, electric space heaters may be good option. “Space heaters aren’t designed to replace your home’s heating system, but they can provide plenty of supplemental heat for contained spaces in your home,” said Gina Peek, Oklahoma State University Cooperative […]

Holiday cooking for vegetarians?


STILLWATER – What do you do when the guest list for the traditional holiday family meal includes someone who is vegetarian? Relax. It is not a recipe for disaster, said Barbara Brown, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension food specialist. “If your family has any special or favorite dishes you enjoy during the holidays, definitely keep […]

Thieves active during the holidays


STILLWATER  – Unfortunately, thieves and fraudsters are as much a part of the holidays as brightly colored packages, sweet treats and warm family gatherings. That means shoppers need to keep a sharp eye out for those less interested in hunting up the perfect gift and more intent on stalking wallets and purses. With a constant […]

Be careful shopping online this year


STILLWATER  – Following a few important precautions this holiday season will help make shopping from your computer or tablet as hassle free as possible. One of the easiest ways consumers can protect themselves online is to use their common sense and trust their instincts, said Cindy Clampet, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension resource management specialist. […]

Consider buying an earthquake policy


STILLWATER – As earthquakes become increasingly common in Oklahoma, it is worthwhile for residents to consider purchasing insurance to protect their property as the ground shakes and rolls underfoot. “With the number of earthquakes continuing to climb in the state, Oklahomans may think about exploring coverage, if they haven’t already done so,” said Cindy Clampet, […]

Exposure to head lice increases as fall school term begins


As the school year gets underway and Oklahoma students are reunited with old friends while making new ones, an unintended consequence could be increased risk of exposure to head lice. “In general, when your child goes back to school, they could have a risk of being exposed to lice because you have kids from different […]