Manuel Ybarra, Jr.

Coalgate, Oklahoma
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Letter to the editor: Evil is being accepted


God’s command to mankind has always been, “Be righteous and do good.” But the history of mankind has shown the inability of man to follow God’s Word. The perverted mind of some call good evil, and evil good. After killing eight precious innocent human beings and injuring others, the terrorist in New York City said, […]

Letter to the editor: The World is putting God to the test


America and the world has gotten more and more anti-God, the Word of God, His Laws and Commandments, and His People. Ignorance and disobedience of God’s laws abounds.  Mankind is putting God’s abundant love to the test.  Man can’t even follow His command to “love your neighbor (which means everybody).”  Instead of love for fellowman, […]

Letter to the editor: America needs God more than ever


America needs God more than ever.  Ungodliness is actually the biggest problem in America.  America needs to return to the Living God of Abraham and live according to His just commandments.  Hate must be replaced by Godly love. The defeated Satan and his followers are still afflicting humanity in terrible ways.  Their goal is to […]

Letter to the editor: Our Christian origins


God’s Word has been under attack for years in America and much longer worldwide.  But man will never be able to eradicate it.  Men do lead most humans down the “broad…way” that leads to destruction.  Jesus Christ, who is, “the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” said, few (a small percentage) will follow the “narrow…way” […]

Letter to the editor: Wrong about Creation


Two separate events show how unbelieving of God’s Word mankind has become. Both used the-time-figure 165 million years. The first showed NASA’s gold plated satellite dish that supposedly will go into space and be able to go back some 165 million years into the evolution of the universe. At least, that’s “man’s” foolish goal! The […]

Letter to the editor: Jihadists are among us


One of my previous letters stated that America was uninformed concerning an Islamic threat to our country through their “Civilization Jihad” plan.   But America is equally uninformed about Islamic Jihad history and plan to conquer the world. The Webster Dictionary describes “Jihad” as “Moslem holy war against unbelievers.” Because America has always been a great […]

Letter to the editor: America needs to be informed


We presently have an almost uninformed or misinformed America.  This includes our government leaders, news people, educators and the rest of us. Those who knew about the Muslim 30-year plan to conquer America, through immigration into our country, failed to put that information out to the public, or the media didn’t touch it. That plan, […]

Letter to the editor: Mourning for America’s babies


The Presidential Election is finally over! However, the demonstrations that are occurring show how poorly a job our school systems and our news media is doing.  Acceptance, after the people have spoken, has always been the norm, and should still be the norm. Another norm, is respect for other people, their rights and their property.  […]

Letter to the editor: Nero is playing his fiddle’ here


The old saying that “Nero played the fiddle (Violin) while Rome burned” is pretty much what America is doing now. The country has sunk down into perversion so deep that it cannot think straight at all. Our once beloved Democrat Party has turned into the Demon Party. Most of the news media has turned into […]