Randy Bright

Randy W. Bright, AIA, NCARB, is an architect who specializes in church and church-related projects. You may contact him at 918-582-3972, rwbrightchurcharch@sbcglobal.net or www.churcharchitect.net.

North Tulsa moratorium suggestion is not a good idea


I found last week’s City Council meeting to consider a city-wide moratorium on small retail stores disturbing, but I also found it to be encouraging that there seems to be little support for the idea from Tulsa residents. According to a Tulsa World editorial, the moratorium is an initiative being forwarded by City Councilor Vanessa […]

Forcing mass transit on people has unintended consequences


Last week, my wife and I spent nearly a week in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area, spending most of our time in Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore.   While Calgary is nearly an hour’s drive to the mountains, the other three are in the Canadian Rockies.  The beauty of the mountains, well-designed and attractive architecture, and […]

Global warming theory does not match up with science


As I sat in a movie theater last week waiting to see the movie Dunkirk, we watched previews of the upcoming attractions.  One of those previews was Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel. I have to say, the guy is quite the actor.  He makes an impassioned and well-orchestrated pitch for his never-ending scheme to sell […]

Trouble for big retailers could be a godsend for churches


Who would have ever thought that Amazon would change the way retail is done so much that it could give churches an opportunity to grow? In a July 11 report, Amazon stated that their sales on that day were “higher than Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2016” and that the event “grew by more than […]

‘The Day After Tomorrow’ is entertaining but fictional


It might surprise those of you who know my stance on the validity of man-made global warming that one of the movies I have seen repeatedly is The Day After Tomorrow, a 2004 fictional climate science disaster film.  I actually enjoy watching the film because of its special effects and its theme of beyond-all-odds human […]

Minnesota church mess revolves around property rights


Riverside Church of Big Lake has won a lawsuit and a settlement of $1.29 million from the City of St. Michael, Minnesota, after a federal district court found that the city had violated its First Amendment rights by interfering with its purchase of a movie theater that it intended to use to expand its operations.  […]

The Grenfell Tower Fire demonstrated what can go wrong


Around 250 investigators are still combing through the debris of the Grenfell Tower after a devastating fire that took place on June 14th, claiming the lives of 79 people. It is now known that the fire started on the 4th floor of the 24-story building, and it is believed to have started when a Hotpoint […]

London fire shows density can have a terrible price tag


As I write this article, firefighters are still sifting through the remains of the Grenfell Tower in London, searching for 58 people who are still missing from the 24-story apartment building that was completely engulfed in flames.  Nineteen people were hospitalized – ten of whom were listed in critical condition.  Due to the severity of […]

‘Intelligent urbanism’ raises a whole host of suspicions


Years ago, in the early 90’s, there was a term for the condition that President Trump addressed in his June 9 speech: The Third Deficit. It was called the Third Deficit then because the first two were already taken: one was the budget deficit and the second one was the trade deficit.  The Third Deficit […]

Trump was right in pulling out of the Paris agreement


I was happy to hear of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  It was the right decision that was made in the interest of the United States, and scuttles what was obviously a wealth distribution scheme intended to bilk American taxpayers out of billions of dollars.  Beyond that, the Agreement […]