Randy Bright

Randy W. Bright, AIA, NCARB, is an architect who specializes in church and church-related projects. You may contact him at 918-582-3972, rwbrightchurcharch@sbcglobal.net or www.churcharchitect.net.

Trump is troublesome; I will vote for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz


I liked what I heard Donald Trump was saying in the initial months of his campaign, but I was never convinced that he was the right person to carry out his campaign promises.  Since then, I have never felt comfortable with the idea of a President Trump. Despite his popularity – and his is a […]

Everywhere in America, local churches are truly needed


There is something that I have become absolutely convinced about in American culture, and that is that there is a critical, vital need for the presence of the local church. That may seem to be stating the obvious, but in American culture, among the seculars of our society, the church has become unnecessary or even […]

High-density development is not what Americans want


This past Christmas Eve, a major fire erupted at a luxury hotel in Dubai.  Though the building did not collapse, there were reports of huge parts of the structure falling off of the building nine hours after the fire began. This wasn’t the first time Dubai experienced a major high-rise fire.  In February of last […]

Hope Rising Community Church wins a small victory


Hope Rising Community Church has won a small victory in a court battle over their use of a warehouse in a light industrial district of Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. The church is relatively new. First organized in 2013, it signed a 3-year lease for the warehouse to use as a place of worship. According to reports, […]

Merry Christmas! My prayer for you is a place in Heaven


“In the beginning the Word already existed.  He was with God, and he was God.  He was in the beginning with God.  He created everything there is.  Nothing exists that he didn’t make.”  (John 1:1-3 NLT) The Word is who the apostle Paul spoke about in Romans 1:20 (NLT) when he said: “From the time […]

American Christians need to realize the Islamic threat


As I write this article early Sunday morning, on the heels of yet another Islamic attack (the killing of fourteen people in San Bernardino), Obama is scheduled to speak to the nation tonight.  The pundits are making their predictions about what he will say, but the likelihood of getting real leadership to protect this country […]

Attacks on religious liberty continue in the United States


I am reading two books now that I believe that Christians need to take notice of, not because they are correct, but because there is just enough truth in them to be instructional. Both books are by Marci A. Hamilton, God vs. the Gavel, Religion and the Rule of Law, published in 2005, and God […]

Americans are not informed about the Islamic threat


Virtually everywhere Islam goes, eventually there is violence, oppression and/or death.  We have witnessed just a few instances of this in recent weeks with the bombing of the Russian airliner, the attacks in Paris and the attacks in Mali – all apparently the work of ISIS or al Qaeda.  Last week, there was a news […]

American leaders refuse to see the dangers from Paris


How can I write about anything else after what happened in Paris last week? We are largely a country of good, compassionate people, but we are also a country that is for the most part able to see and understand what is going on more than our own leadership.  And it sickens us to think […]

Private ownership is vital to maintaining a free society


We will soon be adopting a new zoning code in Tulsa, following the lead of many other cities in the United States and Europe.  Even before they have been adopted, I have heard of one project that has been cancelled because the developer’s plan for his property differed with the city’s idea of how it […]