Randy Bright

Randy W. Bright, AIA, NCARB, is an architect who specializes in church and church-related projects. You may contact him at 918-582-3972, rwbrightchurcharch@sbcglobal.net or www.churcharchitect.net.

‘Hockey stick’ theory on global warming is discredited


Mark Steyn’s most recent book, A Disgrace to the Profession” – The World’s Scientists In Their Own Words on Michael Mann, His Hockey Stick and Their Damage to Science, is an expose on the scientist who proposed the idea that earth’s temperatures remained stable for 900 years, then suddenly began warming in the 19th century. […]

Man-made global warming is a political hoax by men


Man-made global warming is an issue that won’t go away, not because it is true, but because it is political. Back in 2009, I wrote several articles on the global warming issue after Architecture magazine produced an article that indicated that nearly half of the architects surveyed were skeptical that global warming was caused by […]

‘Net zero water’ is the next extreme environmental cause


Most of us have heard of the movement to eliminate carbon as a source of energy, but now environmentalists are taking aim at water with a new set of principles: Net Zero Water. According to a Planetizen article, Net Zero Water, means “using only as much water as falls on your site and eliminating all […]

Constitutional rights are being violated all over the nation


Edmund Burke is famous for many quotes, but perhaps his most well known quote is, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Two court cases, both appearing on the Law of the Land website, caught my attention this week. The first one was “Federal District Court in […]

American Exceptionalism makes the United States unique


When I travel on an airline, I like to read, and so I always try to plan ahead to buy some good books to keep my mind occupied and to learn something new.  This time I read a very short book entitled, American Exceptionalism, by Charles Murray. Except for the past decade or two, I […]

Lack of knowledge of the Bible is creating a poor witness


I just read a very disparaging article that appeared on the Huffington Post by columnist and author Jenny Block. Block’s article assigns the blame for Josh Duggar’s sexual behavior on his upbringing by Christian parents who taught him that his “natural, healthy feelings he was having about sexuality were wrong,” that “telling an adolescent that […]

A Convention of States could provide solutions for America


Last week I discussed how the federal government is exerting a great deal of influence, pressure and power over local governments to achieve the goals of those in the federal government.  In particular, I was referring to the drive toward high-density development, eventually at the demise of the kind of development that the vast majority […]

Why are Tulsa’s officials pushing high-density housing?


In an article authored by Joel Kotkin entitled, More Local Decisions Usurped by Ideological Regulators, Kotkin makes the point that high-density planning is being forced upon citizens, not just in his home state of California, but across the nation. In particular to California, Kotkin wrote that their governor was one who “has made little secret […]

The detestable act of abortion shows insight on our nation


Anyone who is a dog owner has had that moment when they catch their dog drinking from the toilet bowl.  Upon admonishment, the dog gives you a quizzical look that says, “Is something wrong”? Perhaps it is an unfair comparison, and it is obviously not even in the league with things that go on in […]

Feds are working to overrule local zoning ordinances


My concerns about Tulsa’s proposed zoning code may all prove to be a moot point. Recently, the Obama administration and HUD released the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule, that according to HUD, “the purpose of the proposed rule is to end the deep-rooted pattern of segregation in communities across the country.”  The rule has […]