Richard Hovis

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Letter to the editor: A Democrat in the Senate is a tragedy


The very worst tragedy is that by the time anyone has a chance to thoroughly investigate something like this (accusations against Roy Moore of Alabama), we will have had another Democrat senator in Congress.  They don’t call this tactic a “political ambush” for nothing.  You are dead before you have a chance to defend yourself. […]

Letter to the editor: How these cases were once handled


No one needs to be told the tragedy of Officer Betty Shelby being charged with manslaughter for the shooting of a man with a lengthy felony record. The only thing I can add to the narrative is that I, as an eyewitness to similar proceedings in the early-to mid-seventies, can tell you how that type […]

Letter to the editor: Glad Cronkite is gone


I watched the PBS Independent Lens special called Tower just now.  It was a story that happened when I was about 21 (1966) and I really didn’t know too much about it.  It is really a good story, with heroism valiant human emotions, BUT, of course PBS has their hooks in and the very last […]