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Think about King David when you think about Veterans Day Nov. 11


For almost 100 years it has been the practice of patriotic citizens of the United States to pause on the 11th day of November (originally) to honor the armistice which ended World War I. That ceremony was held in a railroad passenger car “on the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month.” […]

Maybe the government should not be issuing any marriage licenses


The daily news(?)paper in Tulsa has a couple of regular items on page 2 each day that are anecdotal but also informative and interesting. In a recent issue, the small item titled, “Will Rogers says,” read: “I see by the papers that they are going to do away with all the nuisance taxes. That means […]

Media attempts to smear Alabama Judge Roy Moore doesn’t succeed


It never ceases to amuse and irritate me the way that  self-claimed “journalists” continue to blatantly display their disdain for anyone or anything that remotely appears to be oriented to the political side of allegiance and loyalty to the U.S. Constitution or to  Biblical words. They seem to completely forget (maybe they are just misguided) […]

School board seems delinquent in handling a student’s information


In scanning the daily news(?)paper in Tulsa on September 24, there was a headline several pages back that read: “Straight-A student sues school over scholarship.” The  byline was attributed to Ben Felder of The Oklahoman. That is in keeping with the previously reported agreement between the papers to use each other’s staff reports. That agreement […]

Here are some OCPA suggestions to make up the state budget deficit


As mentioned previously, Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma called a special session of the Legislature, which began September 25, ostensibly to cover an estimated revenue shortfall for the next fiscal year of $216 million. Also mentioned was that an email from OCPA (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs), listed 11 items that could be altered or […]

Special session was a clear result of a lack of legislative leadership


Because of the failure of the leadership of the Oklahoma  Legislature, with the cooperation of the office of governor, we are now facing having to fund a special session, called by the governor and convened on September 25. This is necessary because the Legislature did not follow the State Constitution, which the members should know […]

Some of the most outspoken critics of Republicans are Republicans


It is most disgusting to me that we should be subjected to a continuous barrage of mean-mouthed, sometimes downright vile and usually blatantly untrue pontifications from the mouths of the leaders of the Democrat Party and congressional leaders of both parties. Senate Pro-Tem Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, reportedly said that there is serious question about the […]

Republicans In Name Only are destroying the party structure


It has long amused me how leaders in the Republican Party seem to stand by and allow individuals who have no personal feelings toward the original principals of the party, as founded, nor they intend to even follow the official rules still in place. It seems to me that this situation is one of the […]