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The murders in San Bernardino just prove the danger we are in


Earlier this month there was yet another Islamoterrorist attack where, at last report, 14 innocent people at a Christmas (or “holiday”) work party were killed and 23 or more wounded by a couple dedicated to ISIS and jihad murders. Even more than a week later, it is my opinion that all the facts have not […]

The rise of Islamofascism places Americans in greater danger


Seventy-four years ago this month, the United States of America was, again, thrown into an all-out war because of a sneak attack instigated by the Empire of Japan. Like the previous World War I, the United States was not a perpetrator to get into the action. Also like World War I, our citizens came together […]

The War on Christianity and the Ten Commandments Monument


Here in Oklahoma, we have gone through a much publicized part of the “War on Christianity” concerning a granite monument engraved with the Ten Commandments placed on the grounds of the State Capitol in Oklahoma City.  The total expense of this manufacture and installation was paid by my state representative, flight surgeon, and personal doctor […]

We have a lot reasons to be thankful


As each year comes near to the end, it has been the practice in the United States, from before we were a nation, to stop and reflect on the multitude of blessings that have been poured out on our lives, individually and as a nation. While there have been great “nation states” and “city states” […]

Obama showed his disdain by stopping the Keystone Pipeline


Finally, on November 6, PRESBO announced that he would not approve the partial-built Keystone XL Pipeline project proposed to bring Canadian produced crude oil across the Dakotas, Nebraska and Kansas to Cushing, Oklahoma, and then one across Texas to Houston and Port Arthur.  From there it would provide input to Gulf Coast refineries, which are […]

Americans should be diligent to ensure sanctity of the ballot box


In many places around the nation, there is a coordinated move under way to defraud the legitimate voters by illegally registering tens of thousands, if not millions, of names on the registration rolls in numerous states.  The method takes on a number of forms, but in every case it seems that the ultimate goal is […]

America needs to abolish the IRS and implement the Fair Tax


Some time ago there was a story in the Tulsa daily paper that was headlined: “Report: IRS refunded $4B to ID thieves.” This caught my eye, but the sub-heading went on to say: “Some of the fraudulent tax refunds went to addresses in other countries last year.” Writer credit was given to Stephen Ohlemacher of […]

Veterans Day (Nov. 11) is a great reminder, especially for children


This year the official observation of Veterans Day, in the beginning after World War I called Armistice Day, falls on Wednesday. Unlike most of the official U.S. holidays, Veterans Day (like Independence Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day) falls on a certain date in the month.  It does confuse many people of advanced age […]

A new life resumed following the conclusion of World War II


World War II actually began in September 1939 when the forces of Nazi Germany began a ‘surprise’ invasion of Poland.  It stands clear in my memory because my parents had sailed just days before from Europe to return home from a several months  long business trip. Letters from Mother had remarked about the several times […]

Concerns arise about what will happen in November of 2016


Now that we have passed the halfway point in 2015, it seems time to split our attention to the next 12 months until November 8, 2016, when ballots will, hopefully, be cast throughout the United States to elect the next president. Given the record of ignoring existing laws and practices of the PRESBO Administration and […]