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Mine spill shows the arrogance of the Environmental Protection Agency


In August, we received news reports about a “massive” spill of highly toxic liquids from an abandoned mine on the Western Slope of Colorado as a result of a “mistake” by a manager of a group charged with cleaning up the site of an old silver mine. It seems that in typical form, government employees […]

The party primary system for the Republicans could be improved


It seems that we are now well into the campaign for the 2016 general election, where a president, vice-president, one third of the U.S. Senate, and all of the 435 House members will be selected by ballot from nominees, also selected by ballot. In addition in Oklahoma, there will be one member of the Corporation […]

Pipeline opposition shows Obama’s effort to increase gasoline prices


A new situation has surfaced in the much-delayed approval of the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline – proposed to run from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada, to Cushing, Oklahoma, to connect with a completed section from Cushing to Houston and Port Arthur in Texas. As has been much reported, the PRESBO Administration seems to be opposed to […]

Bureau of Indian Affairs needs to consider a child’s best welfare


Back on July 8 in the daily news(?)paper in Tulsa, there was a story on top of a page that carried the headline: “Lawsuit claims Indian Child Welfare Act fails abused children.” The stated writer was Randy Ellis of The Oklahoman, the daily newspaper in Oklahoma City. For some time, the two papers, with different […]

It’s our job to take care of our own body


At the August 20 regular Thursday meeting of the World War II Vets of Tulsa, one of our regular attendees rose to inform us of a problem he has experienced with a prescription furnished by the Veterans Administration clinic in Tulsa. The side effects, he explained, were so serious that he had missed at least […]

Closing the U.S. Department of Energy would be a beginning


Back on June 18, there was a story, buried in the Business Section in the daily paper here in Tulsa that bore the headline, “Judge raps delay on energy lease.” It carried the byline of Matthew Brown of the Associated Press. A subheadline read, “The area is held sacred by some Indian tribes,” It also […]

The War on Terrorism a losing battle for this Administration


The PRESBO Administration appears to be determined to do everything possible to bring down the economy and pre-eminence of the United States by whatever actions he and his staff can think of in their collective minds. One of the most obvious, to we who love and respect the Constitution and the subsequent statutes, is the […]

The government should not fund Planned Parenthood or abortions


During the second week of July, a story broke in the electronic media about a video showing a meeting between an executive of Planned Parenthood and actors from The Center for Medical Progress, which recorded the meeting. These videos record executives proudly listing the prices for various body parts of babies being aborted. Another Planned […]

Oklahoma Supreme Court Judges vote against Ten Commandments


Much has been said and written, in many locations, about the judicial activism that has been repeatedly exhibited and with much justification by the judges on the federal benches. Now we have seen just such a blatant example of the same conduct by a majority of judges sitting on the Oklahoma Supreme Court. This was […]