Robert McDowell

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U.S. law enforcement officers are under assault by troublemakers


As each week goes by, more and more information comes out that arouses my suspicions concerning the agenda being acted out by numerous groups around the nation.  Almost every week, stories seem to be generated about attacks made on members of the police forces at all levels. For a few months now, a concentrated attack […]

Here is the real reason why we should celebrate Memorial Day


As this is being composed, it is shortly after noon on the Congressionally designated day for the observation of Memorial Day, on the fourth Monday of May.  This day was originated as being, and for many decades was, on May 30 and set aside to pay honor to those thousands who picked up arms and […]

Bad decisions by federal judges are hurting America’s industry


An Associated Press story appeared on May 16 in the Tulsa daily paper which was headlined: “Judges’ rulings a setback for coal mines.” It carried a sub- headline of: “Agency is told to review how burning coal impacts global warming.”It struck me from the wording of the two headings that the writers had bought into […]

Transporting oil by pipeline is safer than using trains or trucks


On May 6, there were radio and TV news reports of another oil unit train being derailed with a resulting fire that caused the evacuation of a small North Dakota town. First reports indicated that a number of cars were burning, but later reports pared the actual number of cars involved in the fire to […]