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State Rep. John Bennett is right about the threat of terrorism


In early March, news(?) articles began appearing that indicate, to me, evidence of a well-orchestrated program to arrange incidents to make it appear that a state representative has a strong bias against Islam and Muslims in general. On March 4 in the daily news(?)paper were two stories on these subjects. The first, bylined Bill Sherman […]

State Supreme Court nominee attacked by Democrats, ACLU


In recent weeks, Governor Mary Fallin made her selection for a replacement of a retired judge on the Oklahoma Supreme Court. By law she is required to choose from a panel of three nominees selected by a commission which seems to be under majority control of the Oklahoma Bar Association members. The one she chose […]

The FairTax should be at the center of any talk of tax reforms


Four weeks ago, there was a brief discussion was done on the PRESDT promise of revising the income tax laws we have suffered through for these many decades and revisions (each making things worse). The result being the development of one of the largest and most corrupt and dictatorial departments in the U.S. Government, the […]

Maybe the Republican leaders have discovered their backbones


Thankfully it seems as though some of the Congressional leadership have found that they really do have a backbone and can stand up against the minority leadership being mean-mouthed. They have actually used the rules to secure the seating of some of the presidential appointments that require Senate confirmation. Particularly satisfying to me was the […]

Next generation is a concern as the U.S. undergoes a ‘revolution’


It seems that we are witnessing the continuation of a planned “revolution” in the United States. This is the forces supporting the establishment of a single World government attempting by well-orchestrated “protests” which are actually well-financed riots. Any time you see crowds protesting this or that issue – such as illegal alien rights or a […]

Voting fraud exists despite denials from the progressive news media


It seems that those of the C/S (Communist/Socialist) mentality, including a majority of the working press, not only will stoop to the lowest forms of campaign rhetoric but the use of outright lies or made up stories, presented as “news” during election campaigns but on losing, they refuse to accept the loss and continue their […]

President Trump should take a hard look at the FairTax plan


President Donald J. Trump (isn’t that pretty) has repeatedly announced his intention to simplify the tax code to a three-tier system. That has a nice ring to it, but it is my firm and fixed opinion, written several times before, that it would still leave in place the IRS (Internal Revenue Service?) – which is […]

The election didn’t settle all of the challengers to our Republic


It was thought that the election campaign of 2016 would end with the votes cast on November 8 followed by the Electoral College vote on December 19 and finally with the certification of the electoral college vote by the House in January. But, unlike the past two elections when there was a Democrat elected and […]