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Bernie Sanders’ beliefs inconsistent with how America was founded


It seems that every day a new item appears in the media that has a notable effect on the supposedly guaranteed freedom of religion (contained in the First Amendment to the Constitution). The first, quite negative, was the statement by former presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, at a confirmation hearing. In his mind, no […]

After the Declaration of Independence America approved our Constitution


Now that we have observed and celebrated the establishment of our nation on July 4, 1776, by a written Declaration of Independence, it seems proper to look at what happened a full twelve years later. Another convention was called for the modification of the then “law of the land,” as the state representatives met in […]

Parenting disputes should be settled in a manner to help the children


A recent news story in the daily paper (print) stated that the Osage Nation Tribe had won a round in their charges against the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) regarding the invasion of their tribal allotment lands, now labeled Osage County, by wind-energy operators. Of course, the space limitations on this writer would not allow […]

School children are not learning about the history of U.S. warfare


It appears to be a sad but true fact that, overall, the education system in that republic called the United States of America is continually failing both its students and their parents, the ones who are paying for this now broken system. And it has been becoming worse for several decades. In my “school days” […]

President Trump is bringing hope back to a population in despair


It seems that there are substantial numbers of acquaintances, friends, and unmet readers who are truly concerned about the near future of our nation, the United States of America. Contacts are made with me numerous times by citizens really and deeply concerned about the future of our beloved republic, given the continuing uproar and nasty […]

Liberal media leads the charge to criticize President Donald Trump


The level of corruption and mean-mouthed accusations spewing from those of the C/S persuasion has not in my lifetime reached such a low level in the United States. It seems that each day, those of that group in media and politics succeed in attaining a new cellar of outright lies and name-calling. The “journalists(?)” in […]

After repealing Obamacare, the Congress should reform taxation


The House of Representatives in the Congress of the United States has finally sent to the Senate a bill to, we are told, change the ACA (Affordable Care Act) before it completely collapses, financially, of it’s own misplaced direction. Well, what can we expect from a 2,000+-page monstrosity that was pushed through both Houses of […]

It’s not the ‘Democratic’ Party, you should call it the Democrat Party


It never ceases to anger me when politicians and media personalities – so often and continually – refer to the United States as “our democracy” and the name of the political party now captured by officials with a C/S (Communist/Socialist) persuasion as the “Democratic Party.” Before you come unglued by this statement, it should be […]