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Liberal media leads the charge to criticize President Donald Trump


The level of corruption and mean-mouthed accusations spewing from those of the C/S persuasion has not in my lifetime reached such a low level in the United States. It seems that each day, those of that group in media and politics succeed in attaining a new cellar of outright lies and name-calling. The “journalists(?)” in […]

After repealing Obamacare, the Congress should reform taxation


The House of Representatives in the Congress of the United States has finally sent to the Senate a bill to, we are told, change the ACA (Affordable Care Act) before it completely collapses, financially, of it’s own misplaced direction. Well, what can we expect from a 2,000+-page monstrosity that was pushed through both Houses of […]

It’s not the ‘Democratic’ Party, you should call it the Democrat Party


It never ceases to anger me when politicians and media personalities – so often and continually – refer to the United States as “our democracy” and the name of the political party now captured by officials with a C/S (Communist/Socialist) persuasion as the “Democratic Party.” Before you come unglued by this statement, it should be […]

‘Wind farms’ upset tribal leaders, kill birds and cost taxpayer dollars


In the April 23 issue of the daily news(?)paper was a “Viewpoint” column and the headline of which caught my eye. It was: “Wind farms cause cultural, economic damage.” The story was authored by Geoffrey M. Standing Bear, principal chief of the Osage Tribe/Nation. I don’t have in my memory file the necessary information to […]

We live in a dangerous world that doesn’t seem to be getting better


Most of us, at least those over 50, were taught in school about the Barbary Pirates that operated out of Tripoli (Libya) in the 18th – 20th centuries. Yes, they preyed on merchant ships, capturing them and demanding ransom money for their release. They were not reported in history to have been the murderous butchers […]

President Trump is correct about a wall on the southern border


During the two-year presidential campaign, PRESDT promised that during his administration, a wall would be constructed along the southern border of the United States and Mexico. The stated reason was to restrict the invasion of illegal aliens and drug runners/assassins. Those of the C/S persuasion loudly and often protested that such was “illegal, unconstitutional and […]

State Rep. John Bennett is right about the threat of terrorism


In early March, news(?) articles began appearing that indicate, to me, evidence of a well-orchestrated program to arrange incidents to make it appear that a state representative has a strong bias against Islam and Muslims in general. On March 4 in the daily news(?)paper were two stories on these subjects. The first, bylined Bill Sherman […]

State Supreme Court nominee attacked by Democrats, ACLU


In recent weeks, Governor Mary Fallin made her selection for a replacement of a retired judge on the Oklahoma Supreme Court. By law she is required to choose from a panel of three nominees selected by a commission which seems to be under majority control of the Oklahoma Bar Association members. The one she chose […]

The FairTax should be at the center of any talk of tax reforms


Four weeks ago, there was a brief discussion was done on the PRESDT promise of revising the income tax laws we have suffered through for these many decades and revisions (each making things worse). The result being the development of one of the largest and most corrupt and dictatorial departments in the U.S. Government, the […]