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Acorns are important to Oklahoma


STILLWATER – This time of year even a blind squirrel can find an acorn. That is because the ground is littered with them, but they might not be just lying around much longer. An important annual event is currently taking place throughout the forests of Oklahoma. The seed of the oak, which are called acorns, […]

Wild housecats can cause problems


STILLWATER  – The Internet supplies endless amounts of cute kitty videos. A kitten batting around a ball of yarn, a cat chasing a feather duster and fat, grumpy cats lying on their backs have generated many smiles from people throughout the world. Those same animals, however, are decimating native wildlife populations. Free-ranging domestic cats, from […]

OSU begins new research on birds


STILLWATER  – The gift of flight leaves birds without the need to hop on public transit systems for transportation. However, more and more of our feathered friends have been seen at bus stop shelters. The only problem is, the birds are not waiting for the blue route to take them downtown. They are lying lifeless […]

Colleges aid weather preparedness


STILLWATER– Oklahoma faced a prolonged drought a few years ago, which put the state’s municipal water supplies under much stress. The weather can be volatile and borderline unpredictable. The extremely variable weather and precipitation fluctuations work together to create a diverse landscape that is vulnerable to climatic extremes. These factors make life more difficult for […]

Summer Fire Field Day seminar


STILLWATER– Green grass will not burn. This is just one example of a common misconception that will be debunked during the upcoming Summer Fire Field Day near Marland, Oklahoma. Prescribed burning during the summer months is just as, if not more, effective than the traditional spring burns. To help people understand growing season burns, Oklahoma […]

Leasing hunting land is profitable


STILLWATER  – Leasing land for recreational hunting can provide Oklahoma landowners will a little extra cash in their pocket, labor resources for their land, perhaps a few new friends and a reduction in trespassing. “Leasing for recreational hunting has become a major source or revenue for landowners,” said Dwayne Elmore, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension […]

Big quail season set for Oklahoma


STILLWATER – A mild summer and plenty of rain in the spring and summer is the recipe for a successful quail hunting season in Oklahoma. The statewide population of quail for the 2015-2016 season was the highest it had been in a decade, and it just got better. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation conducted […]

Earthworms don’t damage the soil


STILLWATER – They are everywhere. People use them as fishing bait. Others toss them in their gardens to help aerate the soil. They also can be used in compost piles. They are earthworms and with them come many misconceptions. The truth of the matter is sometimes earthworms can be invasive and cause significant environmental damage. […]

Big year for webworms in the state


STILLWATER – With Halloween quickly approaching, some might think massive populations of giant spiders have taken over parts of the state, spinning webs in tree branches as far as the eye can see. Those webs, however, have nothing to do with spiders and everything to do with webworms. Oklahoma is experiencing a wave of fall […]

Planting trees native to Oklahoma


STILLWATER – Nurseries and retail shops are selling trees left and right. Oklahomans are eager to add a little something to their landscapes, but they should be careful when making selections. Unfortunately, a popular choice of the past several years has been the Bradford pear tree. One of the earliest, and certainly the showiest species […]