Walker Moore

Dr. Walker Moore is the founder and president of Awe Star Ministries in Tulsa (www.awestar.org or 1-800-AWE-STAR).

Keeping the commandments ‘tain’t easy’


In Sunday school one day, the children were learning about the Ten Commandments as listed in Exodus 20. Each week, the lesson centered around one of the commandments. I am not sure how they handled “Thou shall not commit adultery” with first-graders, but this particular Sunday, the children were learning the fifth commandment, the one […]

God won’t give you more than you can handle


There was a story that was passed around for years at a church where I used to serve.  It was told about our pastor, who was short of stature and didn’t really enjoy the physical part of baptizing people. Oh, he loved it when people took their next step of faith in being obedient to […]

Merry Christmas! (even without a matraca)


Until recently, we have had significantly warm weather for this time of this year.  The first Saturday of December, temperatures were in the 70s, which is unusual for Tulsa. Titus the Honorable and I decided to take advantage of the good weather and get in one more adventure before the cold took up a more […]

Have yourself a merry little Christmas…


Both of my sons grew up attending First Baptist, Tulsa. I could have not asked for a better place for them to have been loved and taught the Bible. It was a church that supported our family as we walked out our faith. One of the things First Tulsa was well-known for was its annual […]

The One wise men found under the star


I love globes. I am not sure how many I own, but I could start my own globe store. I have big globes that are made of precious stones; I have plastic globes; I have square globes; and I have a globe that floats between two magnetic fields. Some of the globes are antique and […]

A snow globe, Christmas cookies and love


I don’t remember when or where we purchased it: a small plastic snow globe with a red base, a plastic dome, and a snowman and a tablespoon of artificial snow inside. When you push a button, a fan blows and the snow spins around as Christmas music plays. I bought this globe a long time […]

Christmas is really about a relationship


Dear Titus the Honorable and Cohen the Goodhearted, Christmas is coming! This is an exciting time of the year for the Moores as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Very soon, the family will ask what I want for Christmas. I will tell them I don’t need anything, and then they will go […]

A heart, not a costume, makes a hero


I am not a big fan of the holiday we call Halloween. I don’t like scary things or those that glorify the underworld. My philosophy has always been to keep my eyes upon Jesus, and everything else will fall into place. Like many other churches, my church, Parkview, Tulsa, holds an alternative to Halloween called […]

Jesus set the stage for our playground


The other day, my wife and I were walking into a toy store when she commented that Titus the Honorable and Cohen the Goodhearted are about the right age for a swing set. At the sound of those two words, “swing set,” my mind took me to a fond place in the distant past. How […]

Serious questions before an ordination


With my semi-retirement coming up, I have been reflecting on the journey God has taken me on. In 1973, when I was 22, First Baptist Church of Wyaconda, Missouri, called for my ordination. In those days, ordination was taken seriously, and a church would only call for your ordination if you had demonstrated real evidence […]