Walker Moore

Dr. Walker Moore is the founder and president of Awe Star Ministries in Tulsa (www.awestar.org or 1-800-AWE-STAR).

Doing not-so-random acts of kindness


I don’t know why I see things differently than most people, but I do. Our staff sat in the office, stunned, as we saw the news of the first plane slamming into the Twin Towers in New York City. We were sitting there in shock, mouths wide open, as we continued to watch the replay. […]

Going back to school is a special time


School must be about ready to start again. Titus the Honorable came to our house the other day, so excited that he had been enrolled in preschool. To him, enrolling in school is like having a birthday, because it comes with presents. He got a brand-new Lightning McQueen lunchbox (courtesy of his Poppy), along with […]

Maybe it’s time to ‘reverse the polarity’


There has been a recent resurgence of interest in superheroes as well as sci-fi themed movies and television shows. Stories I grew up reading in comic books are now popular, big-budget movies. I wish I had kept my old issues of Spiderman; I could have retired years ago. My introduction to the sci-fi genre came […]

Are you seeing the ‘hand of God’ at work?


When I was growing up, I attended Sunday school and participated in Sunday-night Bible studies where each week, as a young teenager, I had to teach one part of the lesson. I went to church camp, Bible drills and of course, revivals. Those were all good things, but what captured my heart was seeing and […]

Purposeful playing with my grandsons


Since the birth of Titus the Honorable, I have become more childlike. Yes, I am the old man stepping carefully through our backyard, wearing a bandanna and carrying a water gun. My 3 ½-year-old grandson and I are on the lookout for predators. Of course, he is much more adept at seeing the tigers, snakes […]

Dead fish story for some fishers of men


I spent part of the summer living in the Darien Jungle of Panama in a small Embera village called Ipeti. Three young men and I slept outside in hammocks while the women and other men slept inside a hut. We walked from village to village presenting the Gospel. The dust of the road and the […]

Was Paul’s ‘thorn in the flesh’ flat feet?


When I get to Heaven. I am going to look up the Apostle Paul. I have been intrigued by what he refers to as a “thorn in the flesh” in 2 Corinthians 12:7. Throughout the ages, there have been many thoughts about what this thorn in the flesh could have been. Paul goes on to […]

New missionaries need some adjustment


This week, I am in Dallas training 80 student missionaries who will soon leave for Peru, The Gambia and Panama. A number of these are alumni are returning for their eighth mission tour and then there those who are first-time missionaries. I can instantly tell which ones are on their first mission trip and which […]

A wedding at the end of a trip to Utopia


Earlier this month, I had a special wedding to attend. I guess all weddings are special, but not to me. This one was, though. Two of our Awe Star missionaries, Amy Web and Justin Armbrister, were getting married. Not only have the bride and groom served with us, but the father of the bride has […]

Country church was the best place on Earth


As I wrote last week, I grew up in small country churches. We didn’t have staff members, a digital billboard or even a paid janitor. We did have janitors, though. Each week, a different family was assigned that duty. When it was your family’s turn, your parents would bring you and your siblings to the […]