Walker Moore

Dr. Walker Moore is the founder and president of Awe Star Ministries in Tulsa (www.awestar.org or 1-800-AWE-STAR).

There’s a difference between price and cost


I just spent a week in Mexico with 43 students, leading them to share their faith. We took them to prisons, orphanages and street markets where they stood and presented the gospel through a process called chronological Bible storying. We acted out the scriptures from creation through the crucifixion, and after the presentation, those who […]

Wishing everyone, ‘Christmas gift!’


My father-in-law, Richard Silver, was an incredibly passionate and jolly man who lived his faith out loud. Before I even fell for his daughter, he and I would spend every Saturday visiting the families of the kids who rode the bus to our church. Then on Sunday morning, he would drive an old, beat-up yellow […]

Shangri-La is below Heaven on my list


I have confessed before that I am a dreamer. Being this type of person has its ups and downs. You’re always looking forward to something, but you’ll never get to see all your dreams fulfilled. There are several things I would love to do. I would like to take my wife to Paris and spend […]

11th commandment: ignore the first ten?


When I was growing up, my parents were very proud of me, but their expectations weren’t all that high. It’s a sad day when your parents throw you a “You Finally Graduated” party and are thrilled because you graduated in the top half of the bottom third of your class. There was a time when […]

Here’s when to use an exclamation point!


Today, I feel vindicated. I just read an article that the exclamation point was not put on a typewriter key until 1970. I graduated from high school in 1969. I think I have just figured out my problem. Mystery solved. In my formative years, how did I ever express my joys, my life, my dreams […]

Time to blow the dust off your Bible


I am thinking about designing a new study Bible. I see these popular Bibles in bookstores: men’s study Bibles, women’s study Bibles, second coming study Bibles and the list goes on. I want to put together the Alphabetical Bible, one with all the books in alphabetical order. I have seen people struggling when our pastor […]

Who is this guy who looks like Dad?


While spending an unexpected night at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with my oldest son, I had a lot of time to think. I used this time to reflect on what I would do differently if I could start the parenting journey all over again. I know we can’t live in the past, but […]

Avoiding accidental calls to Botswana


It happened again: my family said I needed a new cell phone. Mine had a rotary dial (just kidding). But my phone was getting old and slow. In some ways, the phone and I led parallel lives. But yes, I needed to get a different one. One long and two short rings were no longer […]

Light a fire by nurturing some curiosity


Curiosity is the hallway that leads to the doors of adventure and discovery. I haven’t lost much of the curiosity I had as a child. I consider myself one of the more fortunate ones. In some ways, curiosity is what drives me. “What’s on the other side of that hill?” “Where does this road go?” […]

Young people seek a significant task


In my book Rite of Passage Parenting, I mention that this generation is missing four essential experiences. One of these is a significant task, which gives an individual worth and value in the group in which he or she lives. If the individual doesn’t accomplish this task, a number of people are affected in a […]