Walker Moore

Dr. Walker Moore is the founder and president of Awe Star Ministries in Tulsa (www.awestar.org or 1-800-AWE-STAR).

God teaches me a lesson at Wal-Mart


“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer” (Rom. 12:12). I must confess that one of my weaknesses is a lack of patience. I think I am fairly good with the hope thing, and the faith things is pretty strong in my life, but that middle one, patience, gets me every time. For […]

Rental car’s computer turns up the heat


I rent cars, lots of cars.  If I have to go out of town to speak and need to drive there, I’ve made it my practice to rent a car. Driving is often more economical than flying, and this way, my personal vehicles don’t have to take the abuse of a long trip. The weekend […]

Countdown to column Number 1,000


This article marks 19 years of writing, a total of 950 consecutive articles. When I finished my 500th article, I didn’t think I had another 500 left in me. But I kept writing, and then I decided not to stop until I hit 1,000. If the Lord tarries and nothing happens to me, I am […]

Stilts, cardboard boxes and Jesus…


My fondest memories of childhood come from the things I made myself. Our family didn’t have much, but we were resourceful. A stick became a bat, a playing card became a bicycle engine and a box became a fort. If we could dream it, we could build it. One of the things I remember most […]

It’s a small world and getting smaller


I’m sitting in my office, thinking about what a strange world we live in as I try to fix our website. Our link to the country of Panama isn’t working. We’ve tried to fix it in-house, but it’s way above my skill level. I have trouble just getting around on the interwebby thingamajig. I went […]

Antioch Baptist Church did not burn


Last month, my wife and I celebrated our 42nd anniversary. We got up that morning, looked at each other, said, “Happy Anniversary!” and went about our day’s work.  I met my wife, Cathy, in Hannibal, Missouri, where I was attending school at Hannibal LaGrange College. New to the area, new to the ministry and very […]

Mom filled our home with laughter and fun


I grew up in a family of comedians, my mom being the chief. She loved hearing jokes, she loved telling jokes, and she loved to laugh. She was the kind of person who could laugh long, hard and deep. One day she was telling a joke, got tickled in the middle of it and started […]

Speed bumps, honking horns and Red Rover


I’ve concluded drivers’ training is a U.S.-only thing. That’s because I’ve traveled the world as a missionary and have driven in most of the countries where I’ve served. If you aren’t close to Jesus, you will be within a mile of taking the wheel in another country. Just last week, I was driving a team […]

Lessons from Maria and mountain man


Sometimes is the smallest things that moves me the most. I just came back yesterday from Mexico where I was serving with 22 missionaries as we went about evangelizing. When I first started, I worked there in the garbage dumps of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Families would come from all over Mexico trying to get a […]

Raising a strong and courageous son


My son Caleb messaged me a picture last night of my grandson Titus the Honorable. He had climbed into his little brother’s baby bed and, holding onto the crib rail, walked his feet up the wall. (Look at the picture to see what I mean.) He is only three years old, but inside him lives […]