Walker Moore

Dr. Walker Moore is the founder and president of Awe Star Ministries in Tulsa (www.awestar.org or 1-800-AWE-STAR).

Hallelujah for Cohen Richard Moore!


I hunched over the piano as the sunlight shone in. I could hear the neighborhood kids gathering outside the windows and the sound that captures a young man’s fancy as a ball is slammed into a glove. The empty lots between our home and the Adams’ would fill up each evening after dinner and before […]

Here’s a letter to help remember Poppy


Dear Titus the Honorable, The two years and five months you’ve been in my life have been some of my best days ever. I’m writing to you for a couple of reasons. The first is that as you get older, you probably won’t remember all the things you and I have done together. Second, because […]

A message to the younger generation…


I believe that God has His hand on your age group. We have never seen a generation like yours. This year your numbers will surpass those of my generation, the Baby Boomers, to become the largest generation that has ever walked this planet. Simply put, there are a lot of you. In the short time […]

There’s a difference between price and cost


I just spent a week in Mexico with 43 students, leading them to share their faith. We took them to prisons, orphanages and street markets where they stood and presented the gospel through a process called chronological Bible storying. We acted out the scriptures from creation through the crucifixion, and after the presentation, those who […]

Wishing everyone, ‘Christmas gift!’


My father-in-law, Richard Silver, was an incredibly passionate and jolly man who lived his faith out loud. Before I even fell for his daughter, he and I would spend every Saturday visiting the families of the kids who rode the bus to our church. Then on Sunday morning, he would drive an old, beat-up yellow […]

Shangri-La is below Heaven on my list


I have confessed before that I am a dreamer. Being this type of person has its ups and downs. You’re always looking forward to something, but you’ll never get to see all your dreams fulfilled. There are several things I would love to do. I would like to take my wife to Paris and spend […]

11th commandment: ignore the first ten?


When I was growing up, my parents were very proud of me, but their expectations weren’t all that high. It’s a sad day when your parents throw you a “You Finally Graduated” party and are thrilled because you graduated in the top half of the bottom third of your class. There was a time when […]

Here’s when to use an exclamation point!


Today, I feel vindicated. I just read an article that the exclamation point was not put on a typewriter key until 1970. I graduated from high school in 1969. I think I have just figured out my problem. Mystery solved. In my formative years, how did I ever express my joys, my life, my dreams […]

Time to blow the dust off your Bible


I am thinking about designing a new study Bible. I see these popular Bibles in bookstores: men’s study Bibles, women’s study Bibles, second coming study Bibles and the list goes on. I want to put together the Alphabetical Bible, one with all the books in alphabetical order. I have seen people struggling when our pastor […]

Who is this guy who looks like Dad?


While spending an unexpected night at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with my oldest son, I had a lot of time to think. I used this time to reflect on what I would do differently if I could start the parenting journey all over again. I know we can’t live in the past, but […]