Letter to the editor: Baby fighting for his life in England

In London there is a little 11-month-old baby named Charlie Gard fighting to live . . . but the Great Ormond Street Hospital, where Charlie is being treated, wants to pull the plug on Charlie’s life-support system and let little Charlie die.

Sadly, the British government’s single-payer healthcare system bureaucracy supports the hospital’s decision to let little Charlie die.  Charlie’s parents have been fighting to keep Charlie alive all the way through the British legal system.  But last week Charlie’s parents lost another appeal.

The European Court of Human Rights decided it was in Charlie’s “best interest” to pull the plug and let him die.  The court also denied the family’s request to remove Charlie from the London hospital and fly him to the United States for experimental therapy – even though the family has raised $1.7 million through charitable donations to pay for Charlie’s treatment.  The European Court said, “No!  The experimental therapy will not work.”  The court even denied the family’s request to take little Charlie home to die.

Pope Francis said the parents should be allowed to do everything possible to treat little Charlie, reversing a previous Vatican position after a swell of complaints, according to Newsmax.com.  And President Trump said, “If we can help little Charlie Gard . . . we would be delighted to do so.”

Pray for little Charlie and his family.  This is a tragic example of heartless government bureaucrats and Judges ruling against families.  It also points out one of the dangers of a government single-payer healthcare system  – which may explain why the liberal media has been virtually silent in its reporting of this battle for life.