Bad Deal with Iran

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to stop President Obama’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran but Democrats in the Senate filibustered against it, halting efforts to get it killed.

“President Obama would undoubtedly veto any legislation that rejects his Iran agreement,” said U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma, a vocal critic of the deal. “The House voted to remove the American people’s fingerprints from the Iran deal.  We are not complicit in the president’s bad deal.  We signaled to Iran, our allies and the world that the Obama-Iran agreement has no support and the next president should end it immediately.

“Regrettably, Senate Democrats initiated a filibuster to block consideration of the deal.  Harry Reid and his colleagues decided it was more important to protect the President than to allow the people representation in this critical national security decision.”

Bridenstine said the deal is a treaty and should therefore be subject to a vote in the Senate requiring two-thirds approval. Obama is also in violation of the Corker-Cardin Bill (which was signed into law by Obama), which mandates a formal congressional review and approval of these kinds of deals.

Corker-Cardin required the Administration to give Congress all documents related to the Iran deal.  Despite repeated requests, President Obama still has not provided Congress with side agreements signed between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).  These two side deals govern how IAEA inspectors will verify Iranian compliance with the agreement.  Press reports indicate that the side deals permit Iran to “self-inspect” its nuclear facilities in some cases.

Bridenstine voted three times last week for bills to stop the deal but the failure in the Republican-controlled Senate gave Obama his victory.

“America’s next President can and should end the agreement on Day One and restart the most effective sanctions regime ever created,” said Bridenstine. “The Iran deal will endanger the security of America and our closest allies and partners.”

Problems with Obama’s Iran Deal

  1. Iran will get a massive influx of cash – upwards of $150,000,000,000.00 mostly from the United States – and will use it to advance global terrorism, weapons development and destabilization of the Middle East.
  2. The deal ends in 10 years – more than enough time for radical Islam to have industrial-scale nuclear capacity. Iran hates America and wants to obliterate Israel and that won’t change in 10 years.
  3. The deal doesn’t force Iran to tell the truth to the Atomic Energy Agency and full disclosure is impossible. There are no IAEA interviews of Iranian scientists and visits to military sites are banned. After eight years, Iran can complete research on advanced centrifuges. It obligates America to help Iran develop a “peaceful” nuclear program.
  4. Iran must dismantle nuclear infrastructure but it won’t be destroyed – just stored for later use. Iran keeps everything and destroys nothing.
  5. Iran has a record worse than North Korea when it comes to inspections. Iran can delay inspections for two weeks and a commission can stall for another 10 days.