Bad EPA freon policy increases the expense of air conditioning

It seems that more of the edicts, having the force of law, by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that are currently somewhat under the radar will continue to surface from time to time with the result that each, and all, of us will be forced into unexpected, substantial and actually unnecessary expenditures. Space and time limitations preclude a complete summary and effect that each will have on our lives.

A recent example of these nasty rules came to my attention in person on July 18 when one of the widows at church was advised by me that her air conditioning was not working quite right and to call her service company. She did so and that afternoon a service man was on site and found that her refrigerant (Freon) was low and because of that the coils in the furnace were completely iced up. He reported that there was a leak in the coil and that it would be necessary to replace it. But he recommended a complete replacement of both units because this Freon would not be available after 2020. Thus, all of us will be faced with a massive expenditure of from $13,500 to $15,000 each to replace our units by that date.

All this is due to the determination by the EPA personnel that “Freon is destructive to the ozone layer” which exists at an altitude of several tens of thousands of feet. (Not having been that high, I cannot say for sure exactly what the altitude is). The problem is that Freon is heavier than air and no one has come up with any explanation of just how said Freon can manage to get up to the altitude of the ozone layer to do the supposed damage.

This raises the suspicion that there is a massive movement to lower the level of society to a Communist/Socialist dictatorship and the standard of living, even to the disposal of people deemed to be unnecessary or non-productive (read that murdered a la Nazi Germany who killed the Christian clergy, Jews and freemasons).

Alternatively, there could be a massive buy-off of those in government to mandate these rules mandating the replacement of units, to the profit of manufacturers. The truth of the sources of these stupid and expensive rules may never be known, given the tendency of misinformed voters to vote for the candidates promising the most freebies. They are aided by the willing and even eager actions of a totally wrong-headed and brainwashed journalist staff.

So it has come about that automobile and truck air conditioners have had to be redesigned and those of us with older cars can no longer buy in the USA the R-12 Freon, thus requiring replacement of the unit at a cost of more than $1,100 for an older car, such as my 1971 Chrysler. There has also been mandated change in commercial and residential Freon in the past decades. Each time, the new refrigerant is less efficient than the old, thus requiring a larger radiator and coil.

A further case is the promise of PRESBO to “put the coal miners and coal generators out of business” in the false premise of “cleaning up the environment.” All this after mandating massive expenditures to reduce all emissions to near zero – thus causing continuing increases in the cost of electricity to both business and residences and further bringing to question is the continuing refusal to consider increasing the use of nuclear generating plants, which have no emissions other than water vapor.

It is therefore my fervent hope and prayer that sensible voters will not stay home and will elect more honest and informed representatives to Congress and state legislatures to bring about sensible controls on the runaway explosion of government size and rules. If this does not happen, it could well bring about the end of the republic established 240 years ago with a Constitution I believe was truly inspired by God.