Bad Moon Rising

Yahoo Finance recently asked 6,000 individuals in a survey to answer the question “Is America no longer great?” as Donald Trump claims is the truth. According to Rick Newman, a surprising portion of Americans think their nation is great right now.

According to the report, 31.6 percent of the respondents thought 2016 was the winning year. Then the truth stepped forward with the explanation, “the vote for 2016 was obviously no landside or even a majority. Yet it seems surprisingly high given the sour mood the whole country seems to be in. More than two-thirds of poll respondents say the nation is heading in the wrong direction according to Real Clear Politics, with only 27 percent saying it’s on the right track. Gallup’s economic confidence is at a minus 14, which means more people are downbeat on the economy than upbeat.”

Yahoo then writes that, “Life is still good for a significant portion of Americans, reflected in a low 5 percent unemployment rate.” Here again is the government lie. If you have given up looking for a job – as 94 million Americans have – you are not counted as unemployed. The actual unemployment figure is closer to 25 percent. There are also 45 million Americans on food stamps and another 30 million here illegally.

On the illegal side, take heart – we are told more Mexicans are going home than crossing our open borders. That may be true, but it doesn’t count all the illegals coming from Central and South America as well as the Middle East.

What is wrong with wanting to make America great again? We can recognize that two economies exist in America today. One tied to technology in the digital age and the second tied to our manufacturing past. Cars and electronics are still manufactured, but not here. Why can’t we bring those jobs and skills back? Why can’t our tax laws be changed so that overseas dollars are invested at home?

Our citizens are smart and can learn new skills, but they need to be motivated and taught. Our public school system is a disaster for the vast number of children moving through it. We need to teach skills that will provide a living for our citizens. Otherwise nothing will change and the numbers just get worse over time.

Nearly 8 years of the Obama presidency has produced racial tensions and no economic growth.

In March, the National Federation of Independent Business said its small business optimism index fell to a two-year low. The “political climate was the second most frequently cited reason, after a weak economy” for why a seasonally unadjusted 51 percent of owners think that the current climate is a bad time to expand.

Against this negative backdrop, the federal government’s budget deficit rose sharply in March. The Treasury Department says the deficit for March totaled $108 billion. That marks the biggest March deficit in four years.

The Congressional Budget Office is forecasting that the deficit for the year will total $534 billion, an increase of 21.9 percent from the 2015 deficit of $439 billion.

So far, this budget year receipts total $1.476 trillion and expenditures total $1.927 trillion. These negative numbers were made worse by the budget deal given the president by Congressional Republicans that increased spending by $1.14 trillion this year.

Around the globe, conditions also appear dismal with the International Monetary Fund’s top economist warning that the global economy could be nearing “stall speed” that could lead to greater political unrest in a range of countries.

These poor policies can be reversed, but the question is will America’s leaders allow it and how mad do ordinary citizens have to be to take their country back?