Editorial: Banning the Ten Commandments

What issue could unite Jewish rabbis with Muslims who are part of an organization linked with extremism?

In Oklahoma, those two groups plus ultra-liberal “Christian” organizations have joined forces in a “noble” cause to ban display of the Ten Commandments from public view.

That’s right.

So-called Christians, nonorthodox Jews and Muslims can’t stand the idea that the Ten Commandments can be seen by citizens as they walk into the State Capitol. With the help of the liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court, they want to overthrow the will of the people of Oklahoma and erase Christian influence from the public square.

The protest letter signed by the rabbis is particularly puzzling because the Ten Commandments is part of their Torah in the Old Testament. And why would rabbis throw in with Muslims who have vowed to convert America into a Muslim nation and who are sympathetic with Middle Eastern Muslims who want to drive the Nation of Israel into the sea?

The liberal “Christian” organizations are not a surprise in their opposition to the Ten Commandments. They consistently oppose deeply rooted Biblical principles. They are actively pro-abortion, they promote homosexuality and they teach that there will be no judgment for sin.

Don’t these liberals know that they would be the first to be persecuted under an Islamic rule and the imposition of Shariah law? Yet they rush to team with radicals who want to destroy the Judeo/Christian heritage of the United States.

Thank God for Gov. Mary Fallin who opposes removal of the Ten Commandments Monument and for Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who is fighting its removal in court. And thanks must go to Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow, who paid for the monument so no tax dollars would be involved.

God help Oklahoma if we turn our back on God. Removing the Ten Commandments is a step in wrong direction.