Bartlett raises water rates – again

After one of the biggest tax increases in the history of Tulsa, the budget proposal by Mayor Dewey Bartlett calls for big increases in water and sewer rates.

Water rates have been raised by about 7 percent every year for a long time. At that level, they double every 10 years.

Water and sewer increases will continue forever in Tulsa because the so-called “conservative Republicans” who run the city don’t consider them tax increases – just like they didn’t consider an $884,000,000.00 sales tax increase “a new tax.”

It was a new tax.

And in order to placate the powerful business interests in the shadow government known as the “chamber,” basic needs – like water and sewer lines – were eliminated from the “vision” tax increase in favor of museums, colleges, schools and other frivolities that shouldn’t be funded by municipal taxes.

Tulsa, under the stewardship of Bartlett and the nine city councilors (including G.T. Bynum, who is running against Bartlett), is racing to become one of the highest taxed cities in the nation.

The politicians don’t care about the impact of high taxes on the middle class. They just want to grow government. And if the budget does go sour, most of them will probably be out of office and therefore unaccountable for their fiscal irresponsibility.

Citizens don’t worry about water until it turns black in their sink or it doesn’t come out at all. They are not concerned about sewage until it backs up into their kitchen.

Public servants think about these things and prioritize how government spends money according to infrastructure needs.

The chamber and their cronies prefer more dams on the river no matter how much it hurts poor people and those on fixed incomes.