Editorial: Beacon endorses Rep. Bridenstine, McCloud, McCay

Here are our recommendations for the June 28 primary.

In some races, we have no recommendation because there are at least two good candidates or there are no good candidates.

U.S. Representative, District 1, Republican

Jim Bridenstine has done what he said he would do in his first campaign. He has used his military expertise to counter the downsizing of America’s military. He has pushed for fiscal constraint and fought for traditional values. As a true citizen/legislator, Bridenstine deserves his third and final term.

U.S. Representative District 2


The candidates are Paul E. Schiefelbein, Tahlequah, and Joshua Harris, Tahlequah. We have no recommendation.


U.S. Rep. Markwayne Mullin, Westville, faces challenger Jarrin Jackson, Claremore. Former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn has endorsed Jackson and U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe has endorsed Mullin.

Jackson is a better choice.

Oklahoma Senate District 11


Kevin Matthews and Darrell Knox, both of Tulsa are the candidates. We have no recommendation.

Oklahoma Senate District 25


The candidates are Joe Newhouse, Broken Arrow; Bob Jack, Broken Arrow; Craig Murray, Jenks; and Lisa Kramer, Bixby. Newhouse used to serve on Jim Bridenstine’s staff. Jack is a member of the board of John 3:16 Mission and the chamber board. Kramer is a former president of the Bixby School Board. This is an open seat due to Sen. Mike Mazzei being term limited.

Bob Jack is the best choice but Newhouse would be good, too.

Senate District 33


Randal E. Burris, Broken Arrow, and  Kimberly Fobbs, Broken Arrow, are the candidates. We have no recommendation.


State Sen. Nathan Dahm, Broken Arrow, is one of the brightest and courageous members of the Oklahoma Legislature. He reads the bills carefully and even Democrats ask him for counsel because of his hard work.

Patrick Pershing, Broken Arrow, and Larry Curtis, Broken Arrow, are the other two candidates.

The Tulsa Beacon strongly endorses Sen. Nathan Dahm for another term.

Senate District 37


Cory Gage, Tulsa; Andrew Nutter, Tulsa; and

Lloyd Snow, Sand Springs, are the candidates. Snow is the former school superintendent in Sand Springs. We have no recommendation.


Brian Jackson, Sand Springs; Sen. Dan Newberry, Tulsa; and Paula L. Patterson, Sand Springs, are the candidates. Newberry is the best choice.

Senate District 39


This is an open seat due to Sen. Brian Crain being term limited. Amanda J. Teegarden is the former state director of OK-SAFE, a grassroots conservative organization. She is well versed in how the Legislature works and she is a genuine constitutional conservative. She has been endorsed by Dr. Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

 Dave Rader, the former football coach at The University of Tulsa, once served as the vice chairman of the Tulsa County Republican Party. He, too, is a conservative and has been endorsed by former TU great and U.S. Rep. Steve Largent. The other candidates are Rick Poplin and Alan Staab.

The Tulsa Beacon endorses Amanda Teegarden but Dave Rader would be an excellent choice.

Oklahoma House

House District 30


Mark Lawson and Mike Gambill are the candidates. We have no recommendation.

House District 66


Rep. Jadine Nollan, Sand Springs, faces Emily G. DeLozier, Sand Springs. We have no recommendation in this race.

House District 67


This is an open seat due to Rep. Pam Peterson being term limited. Tom McCloud, a conservative Christian, publishes Community Spirit magazine, a Christian publication. His wife is a school teacher.

John T. Croisant is an educator. Scott McEachin is a Tulsa attorney who is active in some grassroots groups.

The Tulsa Beacon endorses Tom McCloud, who will bring not only his business acumen but social and fiscal values consistent with voters in District 67.

House District 70


Rep. Ken Walker, Tulsa, faces newcomer Carol Bush.

Walker has been very active in the House, sponsoring common sense reform bills that impact all Oklahomans.

The Tulsa Beacon endorses Ken Walker for re-election.

House District 72


Monroe Nichols faces Maria Barnes. Barnes, a former city councilor, is the better choice.

House District 73


Regina Goodwin faces Jonathan Townsend. We have no recommendation.

House District 75


The candidates are Karen Gaddis, Charlotte Painter Bell and Matt Matheson. We have no recommendation.

House District 78


Meloyde Blancett and Dennis Hartney are the candidates. We have no recommendation.

Tulsa County filings

County clerk


The seat is open due to the retirement of Pat Key. Nancy Rothman and Michael Willis are the candidates. Willis has been endorsed by the Tulsa World. We have no recommendation.

Court clerk


This seat is open due to the retirement of Sally Howe Smith. Mary Atkinson, Donald Newberry and Ron Phillips are the candidates. Phillips works in the court clerk office and has several years of experience. Newberry works for Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel and has similar experience.

We would recommend either Phillips or Newberry.

County commissioner District 2


Jonathan Grable worked for the Oklahoma Senate. Josh Turley has an impressive background in law enforcement and academics. Grable is our choice.


Commissioner Karen Keith faces Deanna Vincent. We have no recommendation.



Rex Berry is running against Arthur Jackson. We have no recommendation.



Sheriff Vic Regalado faces Luke Sherman and Russell Crow. Sherman has been endorsed by the Tulsa World while Regalado has been endorsed by former Gov. Frank Keating and former Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris.

The Tulsa Beacon endorses Regalado for a full term as sheriff.


City of Tulsa


In this “nonpartisan” race, Mayor Dewey Bartlett and Councilor G.T. Bynum have essentially been declared the “winners” by the liberal Tulsa World and groups that host “debates.” Bartlett and Bynum are mirror images of each other and should either win, the status quo and the will of the chamber will be preserved.

Lawrence Kirkpatrick and Paul Tay are also candidates. Tom E. McCay is a fresh face. He is a native Tulsa who believes in limited government, fiscal conservative and a bright future for Tulsa.

The Tulsa Beacon endorses Tom McCay for mayor of Tulsa.

City Councilor District 1

Two Democrats, Vanessa Hall-Harper, and longtime  Councilor Jack Henderson are in this primary. We have no recommendation.

City Councilor District 2

Councilor Jeannie Cue, a Republican, faces Aaron Bisogn. Cue is the better choice.

City Councilor District 3

Longtime Councilor David Patrick, a Democrat, faces Jim Rice, Jr., and Araceli Tiger. Don’t vote for Patrick.

City Councilor District 4

Councilor Blake Ewing, a registered Republican, faces Michael Haskins, Josh Starks and Sam Walker. We have no recommendation.

City Councilor District 6

Former Councilor Skip Steele, a Republican, and Republican Allen Branch face Incumbent Connie Dodson, a Democrat. Don’t vote for Dodson.

City Councilor District 9

Ben Kimbro faces Eric McCray. We have no recommendation.