Beaten Again

If you ever wondered why Donald Trump is doing so well, please read the lead Wall Street Journal article by Carol Lee and Siobhan Hughes entitled, “Obama’s Path to Victory on Iran.”  Basically it tells the story about how the administration put the pants on the GOP leadership again.

After reaching an agreement with Iran in July the White House set up an “anti-war room” in the basement.  The White House realized they probably would not win a single Republican vote, so they concentrated on getting all Democrat votes.  Their message was “those who supported the nuclear deal favored diplomacy, opponents favored war with Iran.”

Kind of like the Republicans “war on women.”  It works so well, they just keep repeating it.

In actuality, it is the Obama administrations “war on women.”  Not only are White House women employees not paid what men make, it was just announced that across the country, there are 70,000 rape kits that have sat for years in evidence rooms not being tested.  This is a huge tragedy for the women affected since it leaves their attackers free to attack again.

By getting all but four Democrat senate votes, the president never had to issue a veto.  To the Democrats, politics trumps national security.  It’s all about protecting Mr. Obama regardless of the consequences.

Under the Corker agreement, lawmakers were to see all the Iranian agreement.

That never happened. There are side agreements which Congress members will never see.  Iran is allowed to inspect itself and proceed with its nuclear plans.

A key ally making success possible was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who carried the water in the Iranian deal as she did with the Affordable Care Act.

Over the August recess, she passed along the names of 57 House Democrats Mr. Obama should call to close the deal.  Mr. Obama made every call recommended by Ms. Pelosi.

The WSJ story further states that the administration marshalled liberal action groups, veteran organizations and Christian affiliates to win.

The article concludes with the face saving statement “The GOP, meanwhile, has begun exploring new way of stopping the agreement from moving forward.”  What that might be is not listed.

Unfortunately, although Republicans control the Senate and House, they seem unable to use their power to overcome the Democrats and administration.

Peggy Noonan in her column states the challenge for people in politics: “The better you do, the higher you go, the more detached you become from real life. You use words like perception a lot, but perception is not as important as reality.”

The biggest thing leaders don’t do now is listen.  They no longer hear the voices of common people.

The common person and those in a vanishing middle class are concerned about falling wages, a lack of opportunity, regulation of uncontrolled immigration, crime and electing people who once in office ignore them.

That is why Mr. Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Florina –  all outsiders in politics – are doing so well.  They hear the complaints and are willing to offer ideas many of which are opposed by political insiders and the establishment.