Editorial: Beheading is a form of terrorism

Alton Alexander Nolen is a convicted murderer who cut off the head of a co-worker and tried to kill another one.

A jury of his peers found Nolen, a Muslim, guilty and he could face the death penalty. Several psychiatrists examined him and testified that although his actions were extreme, he was not insane.

Nolen attacked two co-workers at Vaughn Foods in Oklahoma City in 2014. He beheaded Colleen Hufford, a wife, mother and grandmother, and would have killed another woman had a man with law enforcement training had not intervened and shot him.

One psychiatrist called Nolen “narcissistic, hostile and controlling” but sane. He was not severely mentally ill as the defense claimed. Nolen admitted to police that he had murdered Hufford.

If his religion was not the driving force behind this horrible act, the method that he used was undoubtedly a symbol used by Islamic terrorists around the world. They cannot defeat America militarily and so they seek to terrorize people through highly publicized torture and beheadings.

Is there any other major religion in the world that inspires murders and beheadings?

Christian missionaries from the United States go to foreign lands and help people. They work for clean water supplies, they bring emergency food and they teach people to read. And most importantly, they teach them the Bible and how to have a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ. There is no hatred or action taken against anyone who rejects this message from the Christian missionaries.

The Islamic message for America is that their religion is “peaceful” and that they don’t want to force acceptance of Sharia law. But groups like the Muslim Brotherhood quietly say just the opposite, that they want to change America into a Muslim state and administer Sharia law.

Nolen committed murder in a way that draws attention to his religion. He should get the full punishment that the American justice system allows.