Bernie Sanders’ beliefs inconsistent with how America was founded

It seems that every day a new item appears in the media that has a notable effect on the supposedly guaranteed freedom of religion (contained in the First Amendment to the Constitution).

The first, quite negative, was the statement by former presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, at a confirmation hearing. In his mind, no Christian should ever be approved for government employment (not an exact quote). If he really believes this, and this is no surprise to me, perhaps it is because of his professed political philosophy of Socialism which is an atheist style of government. He is registered as “Independent” but in the Senate he is welcome to caucus with the Democrat minority. It is beyond my understanding how and why he keeps being re-elected and it does not speak well of the mentality of those in his state – or perhaps there is, like some other places, massive vote fraud.

On the other hand, with great thanks to PRESDT, his nominated newest member of the Supreme Court, Justice Neal Gorsuch, seems to be having a, beneficial impact on the Constitution and his fellow justices. In a ruling just announced, the court decided, 7 to 2, in favor of a Methodist Church school in Missouri that was denied a federal grant by Missouri for playground equipment, a decision that was upheld by a state court, the District Federal court, and the Tenth Circuit, Appellate Court.

This is on top of an unanimous court ruling in favor of the PRESDT executive order establishing a 90-day suspension of travel from seven Muslim-governed nations where the extremist sects are the most active or in charge. It should be noted that these are the same nations named by PRESBO to be prevented from having nationals come to the United States. The district courts in Hawaii and California had declared the order to be “unconstitutional” and (in my opinion in error), denied a stay of execution of their orders. They were upheld by the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco, not surprisingly, and again no stay was issued.

In more local cases, it has become known to me from a most reliable source with first-hand knowledge, that in at least one case a teacher in a K-6 school is teaching Islam to her classes while it is not permitted to mention God, Jesus or “bless you” on the school grounds. Again from first-hand informants as well as other sources, it is known that the same prohibitions have been issued in the Air Force and Army academies. The situation in the Coast Guard, Marine and Naval Academies have not been made known to me as of this time.

In the meantime, the appointed staff of the federal government has became loaded with Muslims, even at the top levels, during the PRESBO Administration. Those not of the appointive staff cannot easily be terminated, as was the usual situation prior to 1933-34 when the Civil Service laws were enacted by a massive Democrat majority in both houses followed by an eager enactment by a Socialist-minded FDR. In my mind, the whole plan was to ensure future employees are sympathetic to Socialism and an anti-Christian mindset on the part of the bureaucracy into the foreseeable future.

That’s not to mention the uncounted numbers of Christians of various denominations that have been tortured, burned alive, beheaded and otherwise disposed of by the most violent of the Islamic sects like Wahabee, ISIS, and those in other radical nations, including Iran. In the latter case it should be remembered that it was PRESJEC (James Earl Carter “peanut farmer”) who successfully pursued a course of action to depose the far more secular-minded and USA-friendly Shah of Iran, resulting in the present situation where the Iranian president is merely a puppet to the Imams and Mullahs who actually are ruling.

Of course, there are many more moderate followers of Islam who abhor the extremes of the radicals, but because of the absolute death threat for speaking out, they are kept in the shadows. They may very well be more deserving of consideration, if not outright pity, because of their situation. Some of those happen to be in my circle of acquaintances and for what is considered their protection, the subject is not mentioned by me in their presence.

Be that as it may, we of the Christian faith must be willing to stand up, speak up, and be counted as the United States was founded as a Christian nation and to remain free, it must stay that way. There is hope.