Editorial: Bernie Sanders vs. Christianity

Sen. Bernie Sanders believes in tolerance but only if you feel the way he does.

Sanders, who would have been the Democrat nominee for president if the Democratic National Committee had not subverted his campaign, is a religious bigot when it comes to Christianity. Russell Vought, a Wheaton College graduate, was nominated by President Trump to be deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. He is an Evangelical Christian who takes the Bible literally.

Sanders doesn’t.

Sanders is Jewish but he doesn’t talk about it much. He describes himself as “not particularly religious.”

No kidding.

Vought wrote an article pointing out that the Bible teaches that salvation only comes through faith in Jesus Christ and since Muslims reject Jesus, they stand condemned.

“Are you suggesting that all of those people stand condemned?” Sanders asked Vought during confirmation hearings. “What about Jews? They stand condemned, too?”

“Senator, I wrote a post based on being a Christian and attending a Christian school that has a statement of faith that speaks clearly with regard to the centrality of Jesus Christ in salvation,” Vought said.

Sanders characterized Vought’s article as “indefensible” and “hateful.”

“In a democratic society, founded on the principle of religious freedom, we can all disagree over issues, but racism and bigotry – condemning an entire group of people because of their faith – cannot be part of any public policy,” Sanders said in a release.

Sanders needs to read the U.S. Constitution. It states, “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust of the United States.”

That means Sanders can’t impose his faith (secularism) on an Evangelical Christian as a test for employment by the government. By the way, Vought is not condemning Muslims – the God of the Bible will take care of that.

And just think – only the crooked DNC kept this bigot from being on the ballot for president.