Editorial: Bible study groups are targeted

Do you need proof that Christians are being discriminated against and persecuted in America?

The Pacific Justice Institute reports about a case in Bakersfield, California.

A retirement community, Solera at Kern Canyon, has a central clubhouse where various interest groups meet. About 10 years ago, some members of the community began meeting there for weekly Bible studies. Later, more Bible studies were added and in 2014, a small church was formed that meeting in the clubhouse.

The informal church became popular with a volunteer preacher who is retired. But in 2016, an anti-religious resident who does not attend any of the meetings demanded that the Bible studies end. He suggested that the Romans should have finished off the Christians “while they had the chance.”

The homeowner’s association panicked and ordered all of the Christian groups to stop meeting in the clubroom immediately. A resident filed a lawsuit and the HOA reluctantly let the meetings resume. The leaders of the Bible studies were regularly denounced by board members.

Brad Dacus, the president of PJI, noted, “It is an honor and privilege to represent senior saints who are using their retirement years to pursue God and serve their neighbors.”

The lawsuit is not over and the HOA could win the right to stop the meetings.

And all of this is because of one complainer who can’t stand to see Christians meet and study the Bible.