Bice pushes Sunday liquor sales

A measure that would give counties the option to decide whether to allow Sunday liquor store sales has won full Senate approval.

Sen. Stephanie Bice began working two years ago to help Oklahomans liberalize state liquor laws and make liquor more available in groceries, convenience stores, pharmacies and other retail outlets. Brice pushed State Question 792 last November.  Senate Bill 211 represents another step in her effort to see more alcohol sold in Oklahoma.

“With the passage of State Question 792, starting in October, 2018, grocery and convenience stores will be able to sell beer and wine, including on Sundays,” said Bice, R-Oklahoma City.  “Senate Bill 211 will give counties the option to allow retail liquor stores to operate on Sundays.”

The county vote could come about one of two ways—either the county commissioners could call for a special election or 15 percent of registered voters in a county could sign a petition asking for a vote.  Bice noted there are still 18 dry counties in Oklahoma, meaning they do not allow liquor by the drink.  They could hold a vote on becoming wet counties as well as holding a vote to allow Sunday liquor store sales.

Bice believes more alcohol sales would be good for the government due to increased tax revenues.