Big 12 basketball championship attendance tops in the country

For the seventh straight season, the Big 12 is among the top four conferences nationally in attendance as the NCAA has released its men’s basketball leaders for 2015-16.

No other conference drew better crowds at its postseason championship, as the Big 12 led the nation with an average of 18,987 fans at Sprint Center this past March.

Every league squad was among the top 100 schools in the country, the first time the current membership can boast of the feat and only the fifth time in Big 12 history every member school was among the top 100.

The Big 12 averaged 10,124 fans as a conference, an average that ranked fourth nationally. It is the 11th straight season the Big 12 has averaged over 10,000 fans. The Big 12 placed fourth in overall total with 1,795,766 fans coming through the turnstiles, an increase of 24,283 from a year ago.

“It was a tremendous season for all three divisions of college basketball,” said Dan Gavitt, NCAA vice president of men’s basketball championships. “You always want great endings and that’s exactly what we had this year.”

Kansas led the conference and ranked ninth overall with an average of 16,436 fans. Iowa State (16), Texas (26), Kansas State (32) and West Virginia (39) gave the league half of its schools among the top 40. Texas Tech boasted the 12th-best average improvement in the country, followed by UT (13) and TCU (16) among the top 20 largest average increases.

The 2015-16 total attendance was the 10th-highest in NCAA history. The record of 33,396,316 fans in a single season was set in 2007-08.