Editorial: Big 12, BYU and homosexuals

Rumors are that BYU is out of contention for membership in the Big 12 Conference because the student code of conduct forbids homosexuality.

The Big 12 has a problem. It has 10 teams and no title game for football. That changes in 2017 but in 2014 the lack of two divisions and a championship finale cost Baylor and TCU a trip to the college football playoff.

The conference has been shopping for at least two more teams to recreate two divisions with six teams each. The problem was caused by the defection of Colorado to the Pac 12 Conference, Nebraska to the Big 10 Conference and Missouri and Texas A&M to the Southeastern Conference.

The Big 12 countered by adding TCU, a former member of the defunct Southwest Conference, and West Virginia from the Big East.

It’s more complicated now.

Since the big realignment, the Power Five conferences – Big 12, Big Ten, SEC, Pac 12 and the Atlantic Coast Conference – made their members sign financial agreements that would be very costly should they bolt to another league. Some of these contracts involved assignment of television rights.

So, the Big 12 is limited in trying to recruit a big school from a Power Five conference.

BYU seemed to be a prime target until some homosexual group objected. That caused a student protest over BYU at Iowa State, a Big 12 member.

There are plenty of reasons why BYU would not be a good fit for the Big 12, including location, but having a moral student code of conduct should not be a factor. It’s a plus. By the way, it includes all sexual activity outside of marriage.

The homosexual agenda marches on.