Big 12 reinstates a title game in 2017

The Big 12 Conference will reinstate a conference championship football game in 2017.

After losing Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri and Texas A&M, the Big 12 fell to eight teams before adding TCU and West Virginia. Until recently, the NCAA didn’t permit a conference championship game for leagues with fewer than 12 teams.

One study showed that bringing back the championship game would help the Big 12 champion get into the four-team national championship playoff. That game could net the conference as much as $28 million in additional revenues.

Additional details are not available. The Big 12 could continue to play a round robin football schedule and have the top two teams in the championship or it could split into two five-team divisions.

If the top two teams had played in a championship game last season, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State would have had a rematch game just one week after the Bedlam game.