Bill will give lawmakers some control over agency rules

State Senators Nathan Dahm and Anthony Sykes said a bill ensuring legislative input on state agency rules will create greater accountability when determining policies impacting the lives of Oklahomans.

Senate Bill 1130 clarifies Oklahoma law to ensure the Legislature’s authority to approve, amend or disapprove agency rules.

Dahm, principal author of SB 1130, said the measure was approved by the full Senate Appropriations Committee last week.

“Up until the administration of President Woodrow Wilson, our elected representatives in Washington, D.C., had the ability to change federal agency rules when needed. Ever since then, the federal bureaucrats, who don’t have to answer to the public for their actions, have had control over public policy issues that impact the lives of private citizens and businesses in countless ways, and we know it’s often a negative impact,” said Dahm, R-Broken Arrow. “We want to ensure that at the state level, it is those who are directly accountable to the people who have the final say and have the oversight ability to protect people and businesses from excessive agency rules.”