Editorial: Blame Obama for our weakness

Islamic terrorism and racial unrest are growing threats to peace-loving Americans.

Three police officers are killed in Louisiana following the shooting death of five policemen in Dallas. More are wounded.

These attacks are unprovoked. Police all over our nation are on high alert as a fatal attack could occur at any time in any state with no explanation apart from racial hatred.

President Barack Hussein Obama, America’s first black president, has taken no meaningful steps to end this violence. Instead, Obama has rationalized that these murderers are products of a culture in which white police officers unjustly target black people.

That’s adding gasoline to the fire.

There are some bad cops. Minorities have been unjustly profiled. But in a nation of more than 300 million, the numbers are small.

This has to stop. Obama has no plan to end the violence except to push for more gun control.

The recent murder sprees in Nice, France, and around Europe plus the attempted coup in Turkey shows that Islamic terrorists are winning their war to take over the world.

With each new act of violence, Obama refuses to even acknowledge that this is a part of the fabric of the Islamic Movement, a worldview that seeks to force submission to Sharia law and eradicate Christianity and capitalism.

History will show that Obama is the weakest president ever and that our avowed enemies took full advantage of his unwillingness to act and his incompetency in foreign affairs.

These domestic and foreign threats are growing at such an alarming rate that is make take years to return to normal.

In the meantime, our police walk around under a death threat and Islam prepares to take over Europe while Obama does nothing.