Editorial: Boy Scouts’ leader says that homosexual leaders inevitable

The Boy Scouts of America are one step away from allowing homosexual men to take young boys into the woods on camping trips.

That is a prescription for disaster.

BSA President Robert Gates said is it inevitable that the Boy Scouts will drop their ban on openly homosexual leaders. BSA recently ended decades of tradition by allowing openly homosexual boys to join.

Gates, a former U.S. Secretary of Defense, is no stranger to encouragement of homosexuality. He helped stop the military ban on accepting openly homosexual recruits.

Gates said he will not revoke the charter of any Scout council that permits homosexual leaders. While that doesn’t officially end the prohibition, it sets the stage for the inevitable admission of homosexual scout leaders.

Homosexual activists got their foot in the door by putting pressure on companies that help fund BSA and introducing the idea of openly homosexual scouts.

So, if a teenager announces he is a homosexual and he manages to become an Eagle Scout, how could the BSA deny him the right to be a Scout leader?

Homosexuals target children and compromising the Boy Scouts of America is a giant feather in their cap.

But how could parents who care for the welfare of their sons allow them to be led by a homosexual? Instead of traditional (and Biblical) values, they would be ingrained with moral relativism. Instead of honesty and integrity, they would be taught “if it feels good, do it.”

Again, why would any decent family subject young boys to this culture? Why would a business finance a budding man/boy relationship that could turn physical?

America is in bad shape and the Boy Scouts of America are a portrait of the problem.