Brandon Biggs is the top football picker

Brandon Biggs, the youngest of the Tulsa Beacon Expert Football Pickers, was the top picker for the 2016 college and pro football season.

Brandon, the son of Jon Biggs and the nephew of Bill Biggs and Tulsa Beacon Editor Charles Biggs, had a final tally of 143-47 (75 percent). In the last week of picks, Brandon’s score was a sizzling 15-5.

Brandon was tied with Charles before the final week and there were only three games (out of 170 at that time) separating all five pickers (including Tulsa Beacon columnist Jeff Brucculeri).

The final tallies were: 1. Brandon Biggs, 15-5 (143-47); 2. Charles Biggs, 12-8 (140-50); 3. Jeff Brucculeri, 13-7 (139-51); 4. Jon Biggs, 11-9 (137-53); and 5. Bill Biggs, 10-10 (135-55).

“Like Oklahoma, Brandon showed that its not how you start the season but how you finish,” said Charles Biggs. “This was one of the closest years ever for the pickers.”