Bridenstine is off to a good start

January 17, 2013

U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine is a man of his word.

Bridenstine ruffled a few feathers with one of his first votes in office by voting for noncandidate Eric Cantor for Speaker instead of Speaker John Boehner. Only 11 other Republicans had the courage to send this message to Boehner: stand firm on Republican principles.

Cantor would be a far better Speaker than the weepy Boehner, who would not hold the line against tax increases in negotiations with Obama and the Democrats.

History tells us that any deal made with Democrats for tax increases and spending cuts winds up being only tax increases and increased spending. If more money comes into the treasury, it is spent rather than used to reduce the deficit.

Bridenstine, as everyone who voted for him suspected, is going to hold to his core principles and try to change Congress. This type of boldness, especially from a freshman congressman, can sometimes rally the troops in a GOP Caucus that is desperate for a genuine leadership.

The only hope for America is the U.S. House of Representatives (where all spending bills must originate). We have the most liberal, socialistic president in our history and liberals control the U.S. Senate and the federal courts.

Bridenstine’s vote has already drawn the fire of liberal newspaper wags but that is a badge of honor.

The 1st District elected a genuine war hero, a brilliant young man with a sparkling academic record and a conservative, Bible-believing Christian in Rep. Jim Bridenstine.

He merits our prayers and our thanks as he begins this hard course of putting America straight again.