Letter to the editor: Bridenstine qualified for NASA

As we all know, U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma, is being questioned about his nomination as chief administrator of NASA. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida, is telling us we need someone who knows space flight – not a politician. Let me offer some thoughts.

When John Glenn flew in space, he had been appointed because of his training and skill as a military pilot – just like Rep. Bridenstine.

When John Glenn orbited the globe, I received many calls to see if I was related to him. I explained I did have an Uncle John Glenn but he was not the same Col. John Glenn. Yet my Grandfather James Glenn had lived in the same area of Ohio in the past.

Sen. Bill Nelson, former astronaut and now a senator, says we need someone in space science – not politics – but he himself is in politics and Col. John Glenn became Sen. John Glenn. Is Nelson’s question because he wants a Democrat for the job? I don’t think Sen. Nelson wants the job but maybe he does.

I have done a great deal of flying for purposes related to other technology. My seat was in the right seat – it gave me a great education on the training and practice of flying. Other science education taught me the science of space.

I don’t think the objections of Sen. Nelson and others are justified. I do hold a number of U.S. and international patents. I have a combined bachelor of science degree in engineering plus business with a minor in mathematic. I have completed a number of graduate classes (not degrees) related to the environment and pollution control. These courses were completed at four major universities and three junior colleges.

I have listings/licenses with the FDA, EPA, Department of Labor, NFTA, Texas Board of Natural Resources, etc. I have been a consultant for a number of public/private schools, state universities, private businesses, state governments and the federal government.

My point is that I am familiar with the work of Rep. Bridenstine and he is quite well qualified for the appointment as NASA administrator.