BSA says yes to homosexual leaders – it’s time for a change

When I was a young boy at Tulsa Bible Church, I joined Christian Service Brigade. I never was a boy scout or cub scout.

Christian Service Brigade, formed 60 years ago, is still around (see Their mission statement is, “We are a discipleship ministry dedicated to engaging, encouraging and equipping godly men to raise up godly young men to lead and serve in family, church and community.”

This is not the only Christian group that is similar but not like the Boy Scouts. Christian Service Brigade is for boys – not boys and girls or boys who want to be girls – because study after study show that boys and girls are different – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Christian Service Brigade partners with local churches with a focus on evangelism and discipleship – with an atmosphere where boys can learn what it means to be a man of God from godly Christian men.

Their motto is “Winning and Training Boys for Christ.” They are building leaders for tomorrow – not just for CSB but for our churches and our nation.

Its partner ministry, GEMS, was developed as a ministry of Christian women to girls.

The only CSB chapter in Oklahoma is at Freedom Hill Baptist Church in Mannford.

When I was a boy in Christian Service Brigade, we memorized Bible verses. We studied the Bible from cover to cover. We went on campouts in tents and we played “capture the flag” at McClure Park.

The group was led by wonderful Christian men who wanted to invest time and resources into the lives of young men.

I can’t think of any program in my life that had a more positive impact.

That brings me to the Boy Scouts of America.

Their executive committee unanimously approved a resolution to end the prohibition of active homosexual men being scout leaders. The resolution officially allows scout units to decide on an individual basis but with the legal status of the country, in a practical sense, no scout unit will be able to deny a homosexual the right to lead these young boys.

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, now BSA president, said the ban on homosexual men was “unsustainable” and that it would soon be ratified by the organization’s 80-member National Executive Board.

We knew this was coming,

In 2013, the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow openly homosexual boys participate. This was prompted by pressure from high-dollar donors who threatened to stop donations if young boys who think they are homosexual were turned away.

The “escape clause” in the policy is that churches and other religious group that sponsor scout units could still exclude homosexual men as leaders. This is supposed to take care of objections from the Southern Baptist Convention, the Roman Catholic Church and other groups.

Earlier this year, the BSA’s New York City chapter put out a press release announcing it had hired the country’s first homosexual Boy Scout leader.

It used to be a high honor to be a boy scout, especially an Eagle Scout. The underlying principle of scouting was to do the right thing, to make good choices in life.

This disgusting policy marks the end of the BSA as we know it. What sane parent would entrust their young son to the care of a perverted homosexual scout leader on an overnight camping trip? That’s like pouring gasoline on a campfire. You are asking for trouble.

While the BSA is not a Christian organization, it has been linked with a lot of Christian influence over the years. This decision spits in the face of Christianity and those who believe in the Bible.

Why would any church continue to support the Boy Scouts? The answer is only those churches and denominations who embrace homosexuality. It is disingenuous for a church that believes in what the Bible teaches – that homosexuality is a sin – in both the Old and New Testaments to state that they won’t allow homosexuals to have a primary influence over their young boys even though it is official policy of the Boy Scouts of America.

By the way, the Girl Scouts aren’t any better. They are embracing radical feminism and promoting literature that praises lesbian relationships. And if a boy who wants to be a girl, dresses and acts like a girl, he can join the Girl Scouts.

The local Campfire Girls sponsor Tulsa’s perverted “gay pride parade.”

Is pedophilia the next sin that America will embrace? Will the scouting manual reflect this lowering of sexual standards?

It’s time for churches to stand up and break their ties with scouting. Christian Service Brigade and other wholesome groups – including AWANA – can fill that voids.

That’s a choice that has to be made to save the next generation in America.