Editorial: Buying votes for a sales tax hike

Tulsa officials have gone to the extreme to buy votes for the upcoming $884,634,000.00 city sales tax increase vote on April 5.

It’s not unusual for the mayor and City Council to try to buy votes by including wasteful projects that should never be funded by taxpayer funds but this vote is about as far out as possible.

To get the “arts and croissants’” crowd, this scheme gives $65,000,000.00 to Gilcrease Museum. This museum, while an asset, should be self-sufficient, especially when Tulsa’s streets are in horrible condition.

Another $25,000,000.00 is targeted for the Tulsa Zoo – where school children are taught that we are all animals who evolved from a lump of goo. If the zoo needs a subsidy, it should come from private funds.

Tulsa Public Schools, Langston University, Tulsa Community College and even Jenks and Union public schools get more than $33,000,000.00 under this tax increase. Why is the city funding education? Public schools get state funds, federal funds and property taxes. They are not supposed to get sales tax revenues. This scheme is designed to get teachers to vote for the tax.

Don’t forget the taxpayer subsidies for private companies, which is essentially the government picking winners and losers. The chamber wants $15,000,000.00 for a bicycle headquarters.

This is over-taxation to buy votes so that the mayor and city council can spend more money.

Vote no on April 5 for this nearly billion-dollar sales tax increase.