We usually don’t get too much snowfall in Tulsa winters


According to records, Tulsa’s record amount of snowfall for a season was the winter of 2010-11 when we got an amazing 26.1 inches of snow. A year later in the winter of 2011-12, we got the 10th least amount of snow on record with 1.7 inches. We live in that part of the country where […]

Kansas’ Brownback wants a new Kansas City airport


While Santa Monica, California, government officials are doing everything they can to close down their airport, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is apparently doing everything he can to build an entirely new airport south of Kansas City, Kansas. Kansas City’s existing airport, Kansas City International Airport, has been under scrutiny for years as officials have tried […]

Shriveling on the Vine


You may have read in the Journal Record that Oklahoma must continue to expand its industries beyond the traditional energy sector.  Diversify or shrivel on the vine.  These comments were attributed to Commerce Secretary Deby Snodgrass. The operative word is continue.  Ms. Snodgrass is not known for any recognized economic development skills.  Oklahoma has no […]

Next generation is a concern as the U.S. undergoes a ‘revolution’


It seems that we are witnessing the continuation of a planned “revolution” in the United States. This is the forces supporting the establishment of a single World government attempting by well-orchestrated “protests” which are actually well-financed riots. Any time you see crowds protesting this or that issue – such as illegal alien rights or a […]

Countdown to column Number 1,000


This article marks 19 years of writing, a total of 950 consecutive articles. When I finished my 500th article, I didn’t think I had another 500 left in me. But I kept writing, and then I decided not to stop until I hit 1,000. If the Lord tarries and nothing happens to me, I am […]

You can’t tax your way to prosperity


The late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said that “you cannot tax your way into prosperity. It’s like a man standing in a bucket trying to lift himself up by the handle.” I wish there was some understanding of this basic principle by some of our politicians here in Oklahoma. The latest proposal from […]

Session opens with important issues


The first session of the 56th legislature convened a few weeks ago and we now turn our focus on what lies ahead in the coming months. On the first day of session, we heard from the governor in her annual State of State address where she shared her goals for the state, highlighting specific areas […]

Advice for President Trump


President Trump has a serious mandate to get our country back on track. Trump faces many difficulties on the economic front, reasons why he will find it hard to make America’s economy greater. Included on that list are a shortage of skilled workers, sluggish productivity, income inequality and strong dollar. According to USA Today, there […]

Time to boost U.S. energy


With the new year under way, President Trump should take the first step toward making America great again: Bolster America’s energy sector to unleash the U.S. economy. As Trump takes that on, he should keep four tenets in mind: respect for private property rights, reliance on voluntary exchange, tax neutrality, and consumer welfare. The Trump […]

Open borders and illegal immigration hurt the United States


The records I have seen seem to indicate that the Biggs Family came to America from England. That was probably 200-300 years ago. I know my family has roots that go back to Tennessee and Arkansas. My paternal grandparents are buried near Greenbriar, Arkansas. My mother’s family, the Rogers, were from West Virginia. I don’t […]