It’s hard to have a bad experience in a Branson vacation


I just love going to Branson. I don’t go often enough. When we go to Branson, it’s usually just a long weekend. That’s probably good because we like to pack in a lot of activity and it can get expensive. We have probably stayed at 20 different hotels in our many excursions to the Show […]

An invitation you don’t want to pass up


History has recorded that each time the United States has finished a major war, during which the military has been built up to substantial size, a major drawdown in size and capability for defense has occurred. In previous centuries, up to the Twentieth Century, this did not seem to be a poor action since by […]

An invitation you don’t want to pass up


In a few weeks, Titus the Honorable will hit the three-year-old mark. His personality is beginning to take shape, and he is becoming much more engaging in his conversations. I’m praying he’s at the end of his “naming the colors of everything” phase, though. He and I will be driving down the road when I […]

Just a misguided attack on fossil fuel


Green activists are getting schooled in fossil fuel divestment. Despite environmentalists’ best efforts, New York University and the University of Cambridge just rejected pleas to stop investing in fossil fuels. The green push for institutions to scrap all oil, natural gas, and coal investments is several years old. Campaigners insist that starving fossil fuel producers […]

Alexander Graham Bell Junior High School had great teachers


Some of the greatest influences in my early life were teachers I had at Alexander Graham Bell Junior High School I the late 1960s. I lost my Mom when I was five years old and Dad was left with five young sons to raise by himself. Our family was part of Tulsa Bible Church and […]

Atheists criticize columns on America’s Christian heritage


The last two week’s articles have been about how the United States was formed as a Christian nation. I received two e-mails from readers disagreeing with me. What is interesting is that I have ran these two articles at least twice before over the past several years, and received no reaction at all. This does […]

The GOP’s True Problems


The Sunday New York Times carried two very informative political articles. The first was written by Jackie Calmes, entitled, “Paul Ryan’s Worst Ally.” The article begins by questioning, how could Mr. Ryan, for years his party’s self-styled ideas guy, share power with a President Trump whose ill-formed, often baffling ideas are – in significant cases […]

Media reports criticizing energy seem to be fueling demonstrations


It continues to irritate me how the national (and some local) media insists on giving major exposure to various and sundry groups demonstrating against this or that energy project. Usually, the actual numbers of people involved is rather small, but they are given wide coverage in both electronic and print media while those in favor […]

Spend time for relationships and God


Time is a beast that will either chase you toward or away from the better things. When I was young, television was just coming into its own. I spent the early part of my life listening to radio. To this day, I would rather listen to the radio than watch television. With the radio you […]

Political junk mail says a lot about candidate’s character


Are you sick of getting political pieces in the mail? I am. Between the April 5 special election and the June 28 primary, we got almost 50 mail pieces from various politicians and political groups. If you vote a lot, and we vote every time the polls are open, you get a lot of attention […]