When natural disasters strike, it’s good to be prepared


With all of the recent earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, ice storms, snowstorms, tsunamis and drought, it pays to be prepared. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) publishes a 200-page booklet on how to prepare for certain natural disasters. In the past 20 years, our family has dealt with a terrible ice storm, a horrendous […]

Constant challenge to property rights in the United States


Sometimes we forget about things that have happened in the past and assume that they will never happen again.  One of those events took place in 1993 when environmentalists nearly succeeded in convincing Congress to pass a law that would have embraced the far-reaching regulations of the  Wildlands Project. This initiative centered on the concept […]

Is There Any Good News?


It is really difficult these days to find good news, what with four hurricanes, a mass shooting in Las Vegas, the North Korean problem and now the devastating wild fires in Northern California. In politics, it seems that more Republicans than Democrats are opposing the President’s agenda.  Karl Rove writes, “As if all this weren’t […]

Media attempts to smear Alabama Judge Roy Moore doesn’t succeed


It never ceases to amuse and irritate me the way that  self-claimed “journalists” continue to blatantly display their disdain for anyone or anything that remotely appears to be oriented to the political side of allegiance and loyalty to the U.S. Constitution or to  Biblical words. They seem to completely forget (maybe they are just misguided) […]

Titus the Honorable vs. Cohen the Goodhearted


As my two grandsons grow older, I am beginning to see a distinct difference in their personalities and temperaments. Titus the Honorable, our 4-year-old, has an incredible vocabulary. He will ask his mother, “Mom, what words don’t I know yet?” And she gives him a new word for the day. The other day, it was […]

The Emmys showed how rotten network TV has become


I watch less TV these days and there is a good reason. It stinks. No prime time network shows are worth watching. There are some good shows on certain cable channels and there are a handful of reality TV shows that are decent. Most of my TV time is spent on football or an occasional […]

Was Islam the motive for Las Vegas gunman Paddock?


Within hours after I posted last week’s article to the Beacon, Stephen Paddock conducted the worst mass murder in modern U.S. history in Las Vegas, using numerous rifles equipped with “bump” stocks.  I first learned of this when I turned on the news the following morning to see the banner on the bottom of the […]

Stop Beating Around the Bush


Governor Mary Fallin has called the Oklahoma Legislature back into special session to address the $215 million budget shortfall.  As Randy Krehbiel writes, “The mounting pressure on Republican legislators, especially in the House, is an indicator of just how much is at stake during the special session.” Governor Fallin says the state cannot continue on […]

School board seems delinquent in handling a student’s information


In scanning the daily news(?)paper in Tulsa on September 24, there was a headline several pages back that read: “Straight-A student sues school over scholarship.” The  byline was attributed to Ben Felder of The Oklahoman. That is in keeping with the previously reported agreement between the papers to use each other’s staff reports. That agreement […]

Need some direction? Try the Bible


Last weekend, 4-year-old Titus the Honorable and I went on an adventure. Our journey took us on a four-mile hike/climb through the dark forest; our goal was to find the magic pond. One of my gifts is to turn the mundane into the exciting. And why not? It doesn’t cost anything. So Turkey Mountain becomes […]