A knock 15 years ago turned into a wonderful friendship


About 15 years ago, a funny looking guy wearing black clothes knocked on the office door of the Tulsa Beacon. He came in and introduced himself. We talked about the Tulsa Beacon and what kind of paper it was and he was very supportive. He offered to help us with our office machines – most […]

The truth is Americans still prefer to live in the suburbs


Obama’s Housing Development Toolkit, his Strong Cities, Strong Communities initiative and his recent Executive Order Establishing a Community Solutions Council represent his obsession, along with other urbanists, with shaping the culture of America by concentrating populations in compact urban centers.  Urban centers, after all, are the deep well of liberal Democratic voters. But in a […]

And the Beat Goes On


Where is the inclusion within the Democrat Party? Don’t they accept diverse people or is it all talk? If they would President Trump could serve them also.  It is really too bad that history, as a core subject, is not taught in public school education.  That is probably why so many young Americans know so […]

Who knows what Democrats will do to change the electoral vote?


Now that we have finished our annual pause to thank God, our Creator of everything that is, we move into the Christmas shopping season already in full swing. In fact, it seems that some merchants and customers have been involved since Labor Day. More on that later on. It has been quite a change and […]

Everyone should learn to speak Spanish


Titus the Honorable and I went on another adventure last Friday night. We were eating chicken in the food court of our local mall, and at the next table over sat an elderly lady. She was watching my grandson, and he knew it. Now, Titus is at the age where all the world’s a stage, […]

The list of things to be thankful for just continues to grow


In the middle of a tumultuous world, I have much to be thankful for. Foremost is the hope of eternal life through salvation in Jesus Christ. I am thankful that is not just “pie in the sky in the bye and bye” but it is a living relationship now. I am thankful for my family. […]

America needs fewer regulations and even less politics


Over the past few weeks I have been discussing Obama’s release of the Housing Development Toolkit this past September.  The stated purpose of this document is to create more affordable housing.  In truth, this document does more than hint at the federal government’s role in city planning and the way it will affect our cities. […]

If You Want to Win, Don’t Run a Crook


The story is told that after the fall of the Soviet Union, many of America’s progressives and liberals were distraught.  They had always admired communism and envisioned themselves in high Soviet positions if they had been in that system.  They never saw or would admit that the system never worked.  They never saw the famines, […]

May the freedoms and rights the Pilgrims enjoyed be returned to us


As we enter the fourth full week of November, it becomes the time that we, in the United States, pause to observe our annual Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November. If historical reports are true, and I have no reason to doubt, the first one occurred in 1621 after the harvest of the […]

No better medicine than a thankful heart


As we approach this time of year, we move our thinking to gratitude and giving. I know we should be that way 365 days a year, but I’m glad we have a season that helps move our hearts and minds in that direction. My wife and I were talking this morning about how blessed we […]