Here are hot spots for your family’s vacation this summer


How are you going to spend your summer vacation? That’s a big question right now for families with kids. With the Internet, planning for a perfect vacation is somewhat easier. Most parents believe that they must take their children to a Disney theme park at least once when they are growing up. I have had […]

Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world


Amid the recent murders of Coptic Christians in the horrific church bombings in Egypt by ISIS, we must be aware that these events are by no means unique or uncommon.  Christianity is now the most persecuted faith on the planet, with some accounts that 900,000 Christians worldwide have been murdered for their faith in the […]

Pull Your Oar or Get Out of the Boat


The other day Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett paid a visit to Tulsa to speak about his life and concerns for the state.  Oklahoma City, unlike Oklahoma, has had a succession of great mayors who joined with the private sector to rebuild their city.  Most people point to the bombing as the turnaround point for […]

We live in a dangerous world that doesn’t seem to be getting better


Most of us, at least those over 50, were taught in school about the Barbary Pirates that operated out of Tripoli (Libya) in the 18th – 20th centuries. Yes, they preyed on merchant ships, capturing them and demanding ransom money for their release. They were not reported in history to have been the murderous butchers […]

What will I live for? What will I die for?


There are two things a person can strive for on this side of eternity: a title or a testimony. The difference between the two is very simple. A title is what a person has achieved; a testimony is what God does in and through a person. A title will go to the grave with you, […]

SB393 promotes academic freedom


Academic freedom is an essential part of the liberty we share here in the United States. As a young political science undergraduate student taught in the Benedictine tradition, I had learned early that academic freedom had originated as far back as Aristotle, who taught, “it is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a […]

Here is the best way to celebrate Easter Sunday April 16


Easter is Sunday, April 16, and many people will go to church who only attend once or twice a year. Some of these folks only show up at Christmas. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ while Christmas celebrates His birth. In America, apart from church services, we don’t exactly celebrate Easter according to its […]

Muslim terrorists kill Coptic Christians on Palm Sunday


It was a bittersweet day on Palm Sunday this year when ISIS bombed two churches in Egypt, killing 44 and wounding more than 100 others. The first attack took place in Tanta, a city in the Nile Delta located about 80 miles southeast of Alexandria and 60 miles north of Cairo.  Twenty-seven people were killed […]

Bring Back Discipline


Tulsa Public School recently surveyed current staff to find out why they were leaving.  You might think that the top reason would be a money issue.  If you thought that was the main reason, you would be wrong.  The top response from 56 percent of the staff was to cut down on routines and meetings.  […]

President Trump is correct about a wall on the southern border


During the two-year presidential campaign, PRESDT promised that during his administration, a wall would be constructed along the southern border of the United States and Mexico. The stated reason was to restrict the invasion of illegal aliens and drug runners/assassins. Those of the C/S persuasion loudly and often protested that such was “illegal, unconstitutional and […]