Football is tough to play but it is so much fun to watch


My Dad had two rules for my four brothers and me growing up – don’t ride motorcycles and don’t play organized football. Why? Because you can really get hurt with either activity. My Dad loved to watch football and he actually played varsity football at Cherokee High School in Cherokee, Oklahoma, back in the late […]

North Tulsa moratorium suggestion is not a good idea


I found last week’s City Council meeting to consider a city-wide moratorium on small retail stores disturbing, but I also found it to be encouraging that there seems to be little support for the idea from Tulsa residents. According to a Tulsa World editorial, the moratorium is an initiative being forwarded by City Councilor Vanessa […]

So Little Help From the Swamp


A number of people were hoping that when the U.S. Senate went on its vacation or recess, President Trump would use the time to make recess appointments of officials his administration needs which have been blocked by Democrats using arcane Senate rules.  Oklahoma Senator James Lankford estimates that at todays’ pace, it would take the […]

Some ‘news reporters’ got it wrong about the August 6 tornadoes here


After 1:30 a.m. Sunday, August 6, in the midst of rather heavy thunderstorm activity, a tornado suddenly developed and touched down in the vicinity of South Yale Avenue and East 41st Street South in Tulsa. Those familiar with the area remember it as being mostly merchant and restaurant activity on either side of 41st with […]

Doing not-so-random acts of kindness


I don’t know why I see things differently than most people, but I do. Our staff sat in the office, stunned, as we saw the news of the first plane slamming into the Twin Towers in New York City. We were sitting there in shock, mouths wide open, as we continued to watch the replay. […]

Sex-change for children is child abuse


It’s child abuse, pure and simple. America has slipped so far morally that politically correct parents – with the help of doctors – are ruining the lives of their young children by pretending to change their sex. Finally, a group of doctors from The American College of Pediatricians are calling this what it is – […]

Weddings have really changed over the last 35 years…


My, how things have changed. My lovely daughter Sarah is getting married Saturday to a wonderful young man named Josh Berg. He comes from a wonderful family and our family couldn’t be more happy. Susan and I were married 35 years ago and our oldest son Brian was married a few years back. We didn’t […]

Forcing mass transit on people has unintended consequences


Last week, my wife and I spent nearly a week in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area, spending most of our time in Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore.   While Calgary is nearly an hour’s drive to the mountains, the other three are in the Canadian Rockies.  The beauty of the mountains, well-designed and attractive architecture, and […]

Your Economy Now


Did you see that the U.S. economy is on track to expand at a 4.0 percent annualized rate in the third quarter with inventory investment adding 1.12 percentage points to growth?  These numbers were produced by the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s GDP new forecast model unveiled on August 3.  For the entire eight years of the […]

Bureaucratic nonsense shows the need to ‘drain the swamp’


On July 16, a story in the daily newspaper carried the headline:  “Debate erupts over jumbo tanker as fires rage in West,” with a picture of a Boeing 747 in flight with copious quantities of liquid falling from the  belly as would bombs from a bomber. The sub-head read: “Company says federal officials grounding firefighting […]