Expect more and more politics during the 2018 cycle


Politics will again take center stage in 2018. On the national front, President Trump will continue to push his agenda in the face of irrational opposition from the Democrats and moderate Republicans. And every move Trump makes will be criticized by the liberal media (and reinforced by the local liberal newspaper, TV stations and some […]

We don’t give God enough credit for the genius of creation


Some time ago I heard an interview with author Eric Metaxas on Fox News about his article, “Science Increasingly Makes the case for God,” that had recently been published in the Wall Street Journal. Coincidentally I had been reading a book entitled Genesis and the Big Bang, The Discovery of Harmony Between Modern Science and […]

When Truth Gets in the Way


I was asked recently where the material for my articles comes from.  Well, to start with, there is material galore to pick from.  I mainly use as references the Wall Street Journal, Tulsa World, New York Times Sunday edition, New Yorker Magazine, Bloomberg and the Journal Record. Today my reference is the magazine, Chronicles of […]

There are signs that the nation is taking a turn toward the better


Yes, it really seems that things are turning around and better days already seem to be arriving on our scene. Most of the PRESDT income tax proposals managed to work their way through the Congressional swamp to his desk and were signed into law without waiting until after the new year. Already, some major corporations […]

Keeping the commandments ‘tain’t easy’


In Sunday school one day, the children were learning about the Ten Commandments as listed in Exodus 20. Each week, the lesson centered around one of the commandments. I am not sure how they handled “Thou shall not commit adultery” with first-graders, but this particular Sunday, the children were learning the fifth commandment, the one […]

Obama’s policy on coal needs to stop


It was a stroke of public relations genius for President Donald Trump to release his National Security Strategy (NSS), a document that emphasizes energy security and energy dominance, on December 18, three days before the start of winter. It is this time of year, especially during a period of record-setting low temperatures such as the […]

Here’s a bunch of stuff I think might happen in 2018


Happy New Year! Here are some of the things I predict will happen in 2018. Oklahoma will get a new governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, insurance commissioner and state auditor. The Washington, D.C., Swamp will get a bit dryer because of President Donald Trump. Tulsa will get a new U.S. Congressman. Apple will update its newest […]

There is cause for optimism thanks to Trump in 2018


There is a lot to be thankful for, not the least of which was the beginning of what I hope will be an 8-year tenure of President Donald Trump.  Though he has much more left to accomplish of his many campaign promises, it is nothing short of astounding how much he has been able to […]

Thank You, Mr. President


It was Christmas week as I looked out the window ready to encounter a sight unseen.  It has to be pigs flying or why in the world would New York Times writer Ross Douthat compose a story entitled, “A War Trump Won?” Doesn’t Mr. Douthat know the left is at war with President Trump and […]

It sure looks like President Trump is doing a lot of for the country


Here we go again.  Once more it is the beginning of another year and it seems that, as the saying goes, “the more things change the more they stay the same.”   We still are assailed each day with “mean-mouthed” pontifications and postulations by those of the Communist/Socialist persuasion against every and all things proposed by […]