It’s time to start watching college and professional football


I can’t wait for the football season to start. The college football season kicks off September 3 when Oklahoma travels to Houston to take on the Cougars. This game is intriguing on many levels. Houston went 13-1 last year and was one of the hottest teams in the country. Add to that Houston’s wish to […]

Eldridge Cleaver’s story shows dislike for Communism


I’ve been writing about the book The 5000-Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen, so why write about Eldridge Cleaver? Well, Skousen talks about him in the book, and the book was written during the time when Eldridge Cleaver had become well known during the turbulent 1960’s and 70’s. Cleaver, who was black, was born in […]

Maybe You Should Get Out of Washington


Most politicians and economists are confused. Why are not people spending and business borrowing? After all, to them the Great Recession is long over and economic prospects appear good. The Wall Street Journal noted that two years ago, the European Central Bank cut interest rates below zero to encourage people to spend more. They gave […]

Illegal voting continues to be a big problem in the United States


It has occurred to me that the upcoming general election on November 8 just could become one of the most corrupt, in the sense of illegal voting, in history. It was my personal observation – while a county Republican Party official – of a number of instances of rather intense fraudulent ballot actions in elections […]

Who is ‘Medi’ and does she really care?


I reached a mile marker this week, and it has hit me fairly hard. I tried to convince the government I wasn’t old enough, but last week, they made me apply for Medicare. First of all, I’m not sure who this Medi is and whether or not she really does care. Second, everyone in the […]

State needs a Revenue Stabilization Fund


The year is 2027.   Saudi Arabia has ramped up production again, causing energy prices to sink around the globe.   Oklahoma’s economy is more diversified than it was in 2016, but energy is still at its center.  The drop in energy prices is causing tax receipts to come in below projections. Legislators creating the 2028 budget […]

DNC vision on energy is ‘pure fantasy’


The recent Democrat convention was a hotbed of anti-fossil fuel vitriol. The policy platform, invited speakers and nominee herself all supported a war against oil and natural gas. Gone are the days when Democrats supported nuclear and natural gas. Gone are the days when they championed the fossil fuel industry because it supports millions of […]

Dems attacked oil and gas


The recent Democratic National Convention included a full-fledged assault on one of the central pillars of the American economy: fossil fuels. The official convention platform calls for completely replacing oil and natural gas with renewables by 2050. This is a delusional, disastrous position. Renewables can’t meet our country’s energy needs. And squeezing the oil and […]

Teachers at Hale High School taught with style and humor


A few weeks ago, I wrote about some of the great teachers I had a Alexander Graham Bell Junior High School (now Bell Elementary). I had some pretty special teachers at Nathan Hale High School, too. Bill Kirwin was my drivers’ ed teacher. We were all so nervous about learning to drive but he had […]

If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great


This morning as I awoke to the news of rioting in the streets of Milwaukee, I saw an urgent appeal by a city official begging churches to get involved with quelling the rampant violence and looting. I also saw a story about a boy who had been working very hard to raise money by collecting […]