There are good and bad options for a summer float trip


It’s been years since I floated down the Illinois River in Northeastern Oklahoma. I think I only did that three times – twice with church groups and once when my in-laws, George and Martha Campbell, came to Tulsa for a visit. We went on a weekday to avoid the crowds and the water was flowing […]

Despite Earth Day, climate change is not caused by man


There is an old saying that if you tell a lie long enough, people will believe you, and you will begin to believe it yourself. Earth Day is no exception.  It seems that those who have the political agenda of wealth distribution and political control simply won’t give up the idea that climate change is […]

What’s at Stake?


For nearly eight years, people have wondered what President Obama is up to. What were his plans and what type of legacy would he leave behind? It really is not a difficult question to answer if you consider that America’s enemies are not Mr. Obama’s enemies. His enemies are American institutions and basically – you […]

Trump is wrong when he says he was cheated in Colorado process


There is an old adage that goes: “You can’t play the game unless you know the rules.” This is true and applies not only to baseball, football, basketball, golf, soccer or any other game in the sporting world as well as business, politics or international diplomacy. Well, it seems that some of the candidates have […]

Organized wife/disorganized husband


I must confess, I am not an organized person. There are really only three types of people in the world: those who are organized, those who are not and those who think they are. The organized people of the world spend their lives trying to get the rest of us organized. They want us to […]

Don’t thank Obama for low gas prices


The price of gasoline is at a record low — and President Obama wants to take credit. At a recent speech the president told the crowd “you’re welcome” for the fact that “a lot of families are saving a lot of money at the gas pump.” That’s a slick move. President Obama is like a […]

Fighting against Obama’s war on coal


“Coal, our cheapest and most abundant power source, is in big trouble in the United States.” For example, thanks largely to green extremism, coal, our cheapest and most abundant power source, is in big trouble in the United States. Over half of the mines and miners in Central Appalachia are now idle and dozens of […]

Airline travel has always seemed to have ups and downs


My first flight on an airplane was in 1968 on a TWA flight from Tulsa to Washington, D.C. I was 15 years old and headed to Roanoke, Virginia, to visit my late brother Ben and an aunt and uncle. I was traveling alone. My brother had sent me a ticket so I could spend the […]

Atheist tries to block a cross at a Corpus Christi church


In Corpus Christi, Texas, there will soon be a 210-foot-tall, 95 foot wide cross on the grounds of the Abundant Life Fellowship Church. It has taken the church three years to reach this point, but the groundbreaking ceremony was recently held with city dignitaries and State Representative Todd Hunter, who read a statement of support […]

Bad Moon Rising


Yahoo Finance recently asked 6,000 individuals in a survey to answer the question “Is America no longer great?” as Donald Trump claims is the truth. According to Rick Newman, a surprising portion of Americans think their nation is great right now. According to the report, 31.6 percent of the respondents thought 2016 was the winning […]