Feral hogs beware! They are a nuisance in Oklahoma


I have only really been hunting once in my life. While I was in college, one of my roommates (Jerry Foster) and I went to visit his parents in Lone Grove in southern Oklahoma (near Ardmore). Jerry’s late father was an avid outdoorsman and he asked us if we wanted to go squirrel hunting. I […]

A Long Way from Being Bill


If you missed it, the Sunday New York Times (May 15) carried a front page article entitled, “Crossing the Line:  Trump’s Private Conduct with Women.”  Most reasonable people would have thought – why Trump when you have Bill Clinton to talk about? These next several months should be riveting as more details of Bill Clinton’s […]

On Memorial Day, visit Floral Havens’ veterans flag display


As we come to the last full week in May, it has been for a number of decades the almost universal policy of citizens of the United States to stop and pay tribute primarily to the war veterans who were full casualties in the various wars which our republic has found itself embroiled in. In […]

The Bible solves the big mystery of life


I’ve encountered many mysteries as a parent. Back in the day, our most common mystery went something like this: Chocolate milk has been spilled on the kitchen floor. I call in my two sons and ask, “Who did it?” “I didn’t do it,” they both reply. “Who left the living room light on last night?” […]

If you go out to eat, try to pick a restaurant that you like


We don’t eat out a lot for a variety of reasons. First, my wife Susan is a terrific cook. She cooks well-balanced, tasty meals. After almost 34 years of marriage, I can say there is nothing she makes that I don’t enjoy. Secondly, eating out is expensive. I have a regular Friday morning breakfast meeting […]

Fight the Battle that Counts


The New York Times Sunday Review carried an excellent article by Nicholas Kristof entitled, “A Confession of Liberal Intolerance.” The first paragraph was very telling with, “We progressives believe in diversity and we want women, blacks, Latinos, gays and Muslims at the table, so long as they aren’t conservatives.” Mr. Kristof’s story focused on George […]

Asset forfeiture legislation seems to be the only fair thing to do


Beginning early this year,  there was the announcement of a bill in the legislature that would place some restrictions on the seemingly common practice of law enforcement -after a traffic stop for an apparent legitimate minor infraction, such as burned-out tail light – to search the vehicle and, if a more than considered normal amount […]

Older couples helping younger couples


What’s Pinterest? I’ve read that it’s a website where women go to plan imaginary weddings, dress children who don’t exist and decorate homes they can’t afford. And what’s the attraction to this site? I know that millions religiously log on to get ideas and inspiration. That wouldn’t be too bad if they didn’t share them […]

We shouldn’t ‘burn the house down’


When you look at your election ballot this year, you might be surprised to find more than a few education folks running for office. Many of them have been pushed or prodded into running by outspoken activists and unions who can’t get what they want through force in the regular process in a budget shortfall […]

Here’s what I would do if I were elected mayor of Tulsa


The next mayor will probably be Dewey Bartlett or G.T. Bynum. That means nothing will change at City Hall and conservatism – especially on fiscal matters – will once again take a back seat. Mayor Bartlett and Councilor Bynum are all about growing government, raising taxes and adding regulations. These two are like mirror images […]