You can’t depend on the government for your good health


If you have your health, you can deal with a lot of adversity. I am relatively healthy for a person my age. I exercise (too little) and I try to eat healthy foods. I try not to eat many processed foods, fast foods or junk food. You are what you eat. I go to my […]

Americans must become more defensive about terrorism


If America is to survive terrorism, Americans need to change their culture and attitude toward self-defense. The truth is that Americans have been taught for decades that any violence is a crime, even if it is for self-defense.  In some instances, it has led to greater loss of life in situations where there is one […]

Cry Baby Hill


I was looking over pictures of the recent Tulsa Tough bicycle race and saw two men I recognized.  Both were pushing their bikes up “Cry Baby Hill” with tears running down their cheeks.  They had given up.  Both were wimps and looked a lot like Barrack Obama and Paul Ryan. Recent events have shown just […]

Every American should read the Declaration and Constitution


As we come to the end of the first half of the year, we who value the republic given by the Founders pause to observe and celebrate the separation from a despotic monarchy. It was established by unanimous vote of the delegates of the thirteen states in convention to submit the Constitution on September 17, […]

There’s a little bit of Goofy in all of us


If I had to choose the Disney character that best represented me, Goofy would suit me fine. He’s good-natured, doesn’t take anything too seriously, make jokes, is slightly clumsy and says “Yuk, yuk” when he gets tickled. He may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but his heart is bigger than all outdoors. […]

EPA’s war on methane is ‘science’ for a political agenda


Bureaucrats have been given another political target in their misguided war on fossil fuels – methane. Methane emissions occur throughout the natural gas industry, for example. They come from normal operations and maintenance as well as due to unintended and irregular leaks and equipment venting. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) final rule on new, modified […]

Time for a little test on how much you know about politics


How much do you know about Oklahoma politics and politicians?  Here’s a little quiz. Which politician used to be a Secret Service Agent in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush White House? Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb Gov. Mary Fallin Commission Bob Anthony Which former governor served as assistant secretary of the Treasury? David Hall […]

America must protect its churches from terrorist attacks


In the wake of the horrific murders and injuries from last’s week’s attack on the Orlando nightclub by a self-proclaimed Muslim, America is going through an extreme crisis of confusion.  It seems that everyone is getting the blame for what this evil man did. People are blaming Donald Trump, Obama, the NRA, Republicans, Christians, and […]

Misunderstood La Raza? Hardly


We need to step back and consider why the 2016 presidential election is so important.  There are many defining issues such as rebuilding the military, closing the borders, cancelling poor trade agreements and so forth, but the most important is the fact that the new president will probably appoint the majority of Supreme Court justices. […]

Liberal and the liberal media are using the word ‘racist’ too much


It continues to dismay and offend me how politicians and others with an agenda to further continue to misuse and even destroy that variation of the English language in common use in the United States. Of course, it should be remembered that there is a long time saying: “He who controls the language controls the […]