Recheck the verse on the wedding cake


In my years as an ordained minister, I have conducted my fair share of weddings. I continue to do them, but I can’t say they’re my favorite pastoral duty. These days, I limit the weddings I officiate to those of close friends or alumni of our mission organization. If I had a choice between officiating […]

For fake news, the New York Times is the big winner


And the winner is: The New York Times. The New York Times and Times’ columnist Paul Krugman in particular top the list of the “2017 Fake News Awards” as drawn up by President Donald J. Trump. It is quite a list. And trust me, it could be a lot longer. No president in history has […]

A purposeful rejection of God is part of America’s downfall


Several years ago I covered in an article a book that I think all Americans should read, and that should be taught in every school in America – The 5000 Year Leap. The premise of the book is that until the Constitution and Bill of Rights came into being, mankind’s standard of living had remained […]

Who Should Run Public Education?


Once again, we are talking about public school teachers’ salaries.  The plan being discussed by legislators and some notable members of the business community calls for an across-the-board $5,000 raise. The reasoning is this will bring Oklahoma salaries in line with bordering states and stem the loss of teachers.  But in a recent survey, teachers […]

Oklahoma’s revenue is rising and we do not need new taxes


Two or three times in recent months reports have surfaced from State Treasurer Ken Miller, and carried here, that revenue collections had shown substantial increases over 2016. These led me to question if there was a real need to have the special sessions of the Legislature called by Governor Mary Fallin in 2017. Special sessions […]

Gym outfit brings a smile to some folks


I love nothing more than being a blessing. Anytime God uses me as a carrier for one of His blessings, I find a satisfaction that runs deep and a joy that spreads wide. I pray every day that God will use my life to bless others. A true follower of Jesus should make a difference […]

Coal is invaluable for most of the world


Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it is holding three public listening sessions on the proposed repeal of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). The sessions will be on February 21 in Kansas City, February 28 in San Francisco, and March 27 in Gillette, Wyoming. If the listening sessions are anything […]

Here are some laws that I would like to see get passed


Here are some reasons why I would never get elected if I ran for public office. These ideas make too much sense to let them actually make into law. If I were a state legislator, I would propose a law that mandates that a school district can only pay administrators a percent of what they […]

We should all be very proud of American Exceptionalism


When I travel on an airline, I like to read, and so I always try to plan ahead to buy some good books to keep my mind occupied and to learn something new.  One of those was a very short book entitled American Exceptionalism, by Charles Murray. Except for the past decade or two, I […]

Tulsa’s Taxes Are Too High


Kimberly Stassel recently wrote something for the Wall Street Journal that should resonate in Oklahoma too.  She wrote, “When candidate Trump first referred to the swamp he was talking about the bog of Beltway lobbyists and establishment politicians.  But President Trump’s first year in office has revealed that the real swamp is the unchecked power […]