‘Facts’ can change when it comes to climate scientists


“Science changes all the time.” That’s a quote from secularist Bill Nye, the “science guy.” If that is true, and it is, why must the public blindly accept anything put forward by the scientific community? Remember when Obama said “the science is settled” on human-cause “climate change (global warming)? deftly points out that before […]

Trump was right in pulling out of the Paris agreement


I was happy to hear of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  It was the right decision that was made in the interest of the United States, and scuttles what was obviously a wealth distribution scheme intended to bilk American taxpayers out of billions of dollars.  Beyond that, the Agreement […]

Here We Go Again


Douglas Belkin wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Debt, Regrets Mar College for Many.” The article was based on a survey funded by the Strada Education Network, a nonprofit in Indiana dedicated to helping young people complete college and launch their careers. The story begins with the statement that U.S. policymakers have […]

School children are not learning about the history of U.S. warfare


It appears to be a sad but true fact that, overall, the education system in that republic called the United States of America is continually failing both its students and their parents, the ones who are paying for this now broken system. And it has been becoming worse for several decades. In my “school days” […]

Country church was the best place on Earth


As I wrote last week, I grew up in small country churches. We didn’t have staff members, a digital billboard or even a paid janitor. We did have janitors, though. Each week, a different family was assigned that duty. When it was your family’s turn, your parents would bring you and your siblings to the […]

A carbon tax would be bad for America


While President Donald Trump wants to cut taxes, there are others who hope to raise them — by taxing carbon. The idea has long been supported by environmentalists and left-leaning groups, but recently it has found support among some establishment Republicans. The notion is that by taxing carbon, the country would use less, reducing our […]

NBA games just aren’t as much fun as they used to be


I got interested in the NBA back in the 1960s when Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics battled Wilt Chamberlain and Philadelphia 76ers. TV was “free” back then and there were only four channels and usually only one NBA game. The intro to that game was: “Come on and take time out, and pull up […]

How do we maintain religious freedom and protection?


Several weeks ago, I wrote about a case in Bernard Township in New Jersey in which the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) alleged that a local mosque was using intimidation tactics to coerce the local government into granting a permit for the construction of a mosque.  TMLC had filed a Public Records Request with the […]

Poor Reporting Goes On


The May 22 cover of the New Yorker magazine has a humorous depiction of what happened on the United flight from Chicago to Cincinnati. However, in this case it shows Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as a policeman, dragging James Comey off the plane.  Standing to the rear is the plane’s pilot, Donald Trump.  The New […]