High school proms have changed a lot in the past 45 years


Forty-five years ago (ouch), I graduated from Nathan Hale High School. I spent three wonderful years at the best school in town with the sharpest teachers and the finest friends you could ever ask for. Make that, “for which you could ever ask,” We will have our class of ’72 45th reunion July 22-24 here […]

Islam’s influence on American culture continues to grow


Last week, the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) announced that it had filed a Public Records Request with the Bernard Township Committee in New Jersey. The request was made on behalf of a resident that had called out what he believed to be illegal secrecy regarding a special meeting that was to be held by […]

One Man’s Epiphany


Francis Wilkinson wrote an excellent article for Bloomberg View entitled, “Disarray is Preface to Power for Democrats,” which ties in nicely to an email I received covering an article by Frank Schaeffer of the Washington Post. Mr. Wilkinson’s story begins with – “The Democrats are in disarray” – the first line in a Hendrik Hertzberg […]

‘Wind farms’ upset tribal leaders, kill birds and cost taxpayer dollars


In the April 23 issue of the daily news(?)paper was a “Viewpoint” column and the headline of which caught my eye. It was: “Wind farms cause cultural, economic damage.” The story was authored by Geoffrey M. Standing Bear, principal chief of the Osage Tribe/Nation. I don’t have in my memory file the necessary information to […]

Wisdom and a truckload of manure


I get home last night to find 3-year-old Titus the Honorable at my house. I don’t know if he was more excited to see me or the pile of dirt in the back of my truck. “Poppy, can I play in the dirt?” he asked. I could see in his little eyes that adventurous spirit […]

Painting an honest picture of schools


With so much attention turned to education this session, I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about the positive attributes of Oklahoma public education that may not be so well known, but should be, as well as giving some not-so-positive statistics along the way.  You choose. According to the Oklahoma Department of Education, the […]

Trump gets it just right on Earth Day


During a week of contentious trade issues between Canada and the United States, it was gratifying to see that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump actually did agree on one thing—climate change was not even worth mentioning in their official Earth Day statements. In his official Earth Day statement, President Donald Trump […]

After sixteen years, the Tulsa Beacon is still going strong


This month, the Tulsa Beacon celebrated its 16th anniversary. Susan and I started the newspaper on April 25, 2001. Have we been successful? Well, yes and no. Our longevity is a good measure of success. Since 2001, many newspapers have gone out of business. That includes the Glenpool Post (which we started in 1984 and […]

Worldwide persecution of Christians has been growing


Christian persecution across the globe is becoming more common and widely accepted among other religions, primarily in Islamic settings, but also at the hands of other religions as well.  As many as 900,000 Christians have been slaughtered worldwide because of their faith in the last decade, 90,000 of those in the last year. The Center […]

‘See the Eagle?


When my wife’s brothers were caught in a “white lie” or other mixups by their parents, many times they would resort to looking out the window, saying “See the eagle.”  They hoped their parents would leap to the window to see the giant bird. It might have worked once, but not twice. Today, Oklahomans are […]