President Trump is bringing hope back to a population in despair


It seems that there are substantial numbers of acquaintances, friends, and unmet readers who are truly concerned about the near future of our nation, the United States of America. Contacts are made with me numerous times by citizens really and deeply concerned about the future of our beloved republic, given the continuing uproar and nasty […]

You know you are in a country church when…


I grew up attending small country churches. In fact, when I was growing up, there was no such thing as a megachurch. We didn’t have a clue about bands, light shows or PowerPoint. If you had asked me what a megachurch was, I might have pointed you toward a church in town that has 300 […]

Every 70 years or so, the Biggs Family hosts a wedding


Our lovely daughter Sarah is getting married in August to a wonderful young man, Josh. Sarah is a special part of our family. Most of the babies born in our family recently were boys. In fact, we had 13 boys born in a row until Sarah was born. That string stretched over 72 years. My […]

It is in the very best interest of America to support Israel


With so much of our attention being focused on the day-to-day activities of life, current events, upcoming elections and family activities, it is easy to forget how important it is to support Israel and its right to exist in peace. The fact that Israel even exists is a miracle, and many believe, myself included, that […]

Stay the Course, Mr. President


Recently, William Galston wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Trump’s Tanking Approval Numbers,” in which he points out the president is not only in trouble within the beltway, but with supporters who question his fitness for office. The “never Trumpers” and Democrats have done an excellent job in raising doubts in peoples’ […]

Liberal media leads the charge to criticize President Donald Trump


The level of corruption and mean-mouthed accusations spewing from those of the C/S persuasion has not in my lifetime reached such a low level in the United States. It seems that each day, those of that group in media and politics succeed in attaining a new cellar of outright lies and name-calling. The “journalists(?)” in […]

Snakes and helping those who are lost


For a couple of months, Titus the Honorable and I have been planning a big adventure. Of course, planning with a 3-year-old only takes about a minute. This last Saturday was our big day: Just Titus and me, heading off on a journey into the dark forest to look for snakes. Now, the dark forest […]

Mowing the summer lawn is a love/hate relationship


I have a love/hate relationship with my lawnmower. I love mowing my yard, a corner lot, because it is good exercise. I always work up a sweat and after it is done and I have cooled down, it always feels good. And I love when my yard looks pretty. I am not possessed with having […]

Who Is Kidding Whom?


You may have seen that Tulsa City councilors are considering a proposed moratorium on grocery stores in Tulsa’s food deserts or better known as North Tulsa. As the councilors see it and as reported in the newspaper, “The problem is that full-service grocery stores may be getting stifled out of the market in food deserts […]

After repealing Obamacare, the Congress should reform taxation


The House of Representatives in the Congress of the United States has finally sent to the Senate a bill to, we are told, change the ACA (Affordable Care Act) before it completely collapses, financially, of it’s own misplaced direction. Well, what can we expect from a 2,000+-page monstrosity that was pushed through both Houses of […]