A rainy spring and summer didn’t mean a great harvest


Despite a good rainy spring and summer, our backyard garden didn’t produce as well as we would have liked. The rain didn’t seem to help our tomatoes and cucumbers – the two crops we can always seem to count on. Hornworms invaded the tomatoes. Last year, we built a tomato cage out of PVC pipe […]

Man-made global warming is a political hoax by men


Man-made global warming is an issue that won’t go away, not because it is true, but because it is political. Back in 2009, I wrote several articles on the global warming issue after Architecture magazine produced an article that indicated that nearly half of the architects surveyed were skeptical that global warming was caused by […]

Gambling with National Security


You may recall that in the 1990s, President Bill Clinton went on television to assure Americans that North Korea would never possess a nuclear weapon.  After all, American inspectors would find any attempt to get around the signed agreement. Twenty years later, President Obama is making the same assurances – with the exception that even […]

Mine spill shows the arrogance of the Environmental Protection Agency


In August, we received news reports about a “massive” spill of highly toxic liquids from an abandoned mine on the Western Slope of Colorado as a result of a “mistake” by a manager of a group charged with cleaning up the site of an old silver mine. It seems that in typical form, government employees […]

Tell kids about your spiritual heritage


Not long ago, I was sitting in the Dallas airport near a young woman and her son. He couldn’t been more than five years old. He was getting a little fidgety as we waited to board the plane. To calm him down, his mother reached into her purse, pulled out her cell phone and handed […]

God bless Clerk Kim Davis of Kentucky for her faithfulness


Kim Davis is a hero. She is the county clerk in Kentucky who told a federal judge that she would rather go to jail than to authorize homosexual marriages in her jurisdiction. And she went to jail for five days. The federal judge thought he would break her down by putting her in the slammer […]

‘Net zero water’ is the next extreme environmental cause


Most of us have heard of the movement to eliminate carbon as a source of energy, but now environmentalists are taking aim at water with a new set of principles: Net Zero Water. According to a Planetizen article, Net Zero Water, means “using only as much water as falls on your site and eliminating all […]

Beaten Again


If you ever wondered why Donald Trump is doing so well, please read the lead Wall Street Journal article by Carol Lee and Siobhan Hughes entitled, “Obama’s Path to Victory on Iran.”  Basically it tells the story about how the administration put the pants on the GOP leadership again. After reaching an agreement with Iran […]

The party primary system for the Republicans could be improved


It seems that we are now well into the campaign for the 2016 general election, where a president, vice-president, one third of the U.S. Senate, and all of the 435 House members will be selected by ballot from nominees, also selected by ballot. In addition in Oklahoma, there will be one member of the Corporation […]

Jesus understands what we go through


For more than 20 years, I taught two women’s Bible studies. Sometimes I would be embarrassed by the conversations I overheard, such as one of my students speaking in great detail about a childbearing experience. I would cringe at some of the things these women said, but all of the rest of the mothers would […]