The government should not fund Planned Parenthood or abortions


During the second week of July, a story broke in the electronic media about a video showing a meeting between an executive of Planned Parenthood and actors from The Center for Medical Progress, which recorded the meeting. These videos record executives proudly listing the prices for various body parts of babies being aborted. Another Planned […]

Telling the good news to the needy


Every year as far back as I can remember, at the beginning of school, I had to write or tell what I did during the summer. So here’s this year’s story. I walk along a hot, dusty road with the intermingled odors of the less fortunate and their garbage seeping into my nostrils. Row upon […]

It’s difficult to find an original thought in Hollywood films


I think movie titles are deliberately confusing. I think moviemakers – mostly those with lesser quality films – want the public to think their movie is really another movie that is more popular. Here are some examples. Mad Max: Fury Road was released a couple of months before Max. Mad Max is rated R because […]

The detestable act of abortion shows insight on our nation


Anyone who is a dog owner has had that moment when they catch their dog drinking from the toilet bowl.  Upon admonishment, the dog gives you a quizzical look that says, “Is something wrong”? Perhaps it is an unfair comparison, and it is obviously not even in the league with things that go on in […]

More on Education


Yahoo Finance reported that American families spent 16 percent more on college this year.  This comes from information from Sallie Mae’s annual report, “How Americans Pay for College.” Families “shelled out” an average of $24,164 to cover college cost during the 2014-2015 school year, compared to $20,882 the year prior. The conclusion drawn by Yahoo […]

Oklahoma Supreme Court Judges vote against Ten Commandments


Much has been said and written, in many locations, about the judicial activism that has been repeatedly exhibited and with much justification by the judges on the federal benches. Now we have seen just such a blatant example of the same conduct by a majority of judges sitting on the Oklahoma Supreme Court. This was […]

This situation is hard to figure out


Even after spending many years in school and traveling the world, I still don’t have everything figured out. Even today, I’m still not sure whose armrest is whose at the theater or on an airplane. I haven’t been able to discern what fruit they use to make Juicy Fruit gum. I still haven’t figured out […]

Time to end state telephone subsidies


“Don’t Wait by the Phone” Oklahoma is sadly becoming a debtor state.  We have about 1.7 billion dollars in tax credits and exemptions along with the millions upon millions of dollars of subsidies we hand out every year while we have a hard time funding essential services. Webster’s dictionary defines a subsidy as “financial aid […]

BSA says yes to homosexual leaders – it’s time for a change


When I was a young boy at Tulsa Bible Church, I joined Christian Service Brigade. I never was a boy scout or cub scout. Christian Service Brigade, formed 60 years ago, is still around (see Their mission statement is, “We are a discipleship ministry dedicated to engaging, encouraging and equipping godly men to raise […]

Feds are working to overrule local zoning ordinances


My concerns about Tulsa’s proposed zoning code may all prove to be a moot point. Recently, the Obama administration and HUD released the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule, that according to HUD, “the purpose of the proposed rule is to end the deep-rooted pattern of segregation in communities across the country.”  The rule has […]