Jesus understands what we go through


For more than 20 years, I taught two women’s Bible studies. Sometimes I would be embarrassed by the conversations I overheard, such as one of my students speaking in great detail about a childbearing experience. I would cringe at some of the things these women said, but all of the rest of the mothers would […]

Glen Campbell has entertained millions of us for decades


I have always had a host of reasons to be a big fan of Glen Campbell. I have enjoyed his music for over 50 years. He is a Christian and he has some wonderful Christian recordings. Many people know that Glen is having difficulty with Alzeheimer’s Disease after the airing of the documentary, Glen Campbell: […]

Constitutional rights are being violated all over the nation


Edmund Burke is famous for many quotes, but perhaps his most well known quote is, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Two court cases, both appearing on the Law of the Land website, caught my attention this week. The first one was “Federal District Court in […]

Anemic Demand


The Commerce Department revised its second quarter numbers saying that the economy expanded at a 3.7 percent rate.  That news prompted Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fisher to say that interest rates might be raised this month. Unfortunately, this is only wishful thinking because the numbers are just not there. Even Bill Gross, the bond […]

Pipeline opposition shows Obama’s effort to increase gasoline prices


A new situation has surfaced in the much-delayed approval of the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline – proposed to run from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada, to Cushing, Oklahoma, to connect with a completed section from Cushing to Houston and Port Arthur in Texas. As has been much reported, the PRESBO Administration seems to be opposed to […]

Lick lessons from the Queen of Sheba


Many years ago, a stray female dog happened to appear on my mother-in-law’s front steps one day. The dog was one-half Labrador retriever. The other half came from, well, let’s just say the rest of the neighborhood. Mom tried everything in her power to keep this stray from taking up permanent residence: shooing her away, […]

Look out below! America is in trouble


Human nature being what it is, some investors are more aware than other investors of what is going on in the economy and financial markets. But almost every investor knows that the U.S. stock market fell big time in recent days. Specifically, (through Tuesday August 25th), the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined 10.5 percent in […]

Football has been king in Oklahoma for a very long time


I think I saw my first Dallas Cowboy football game in 1970. My Dad was a big fan and I sat down in the living room (he was in the recliner) to see what was so interesting about this game. I was just a kid but I started to pick up on what was going […]

American Exceptionalism makes the United States unique


When I travel on an airline, I like to read, and so I always try to plan ahead to buy some good books to keep my mind occupied and to learn something new.  This time I read a very short book entitled, American Exceptionalism, by Charles Murray. Except for the past decade or two, I […]

Girls and Gays to the Rescue


The Russians, North Koreans, Iranians, Chinese, ISIS and other rogue countries must have taken note  – don’t push President Obama over the line. If you do, he might send his new military against you. His military may be driving obsolete equipment.  Its ranks might be depleted after 13 years of war and have most of […]