Teaching youth to be ‘fishers of men’


I spent part of the summer living in the Darien Jungle of Panama in a small Embera village called Ipeti. Three young men and I slept outside in hammocks while the women and other men slept inside a hut. We walked from village to village presenting the Gospel. The dust of the road and the […]

The story behind the 10 Commandments


Concerns about “judicial overreach and activism” are nothing new. Thomas Jefferson warned about this shortly after the founding of our nation. Jefferson said that if the courts were left unchecked, they would ‘twist’ the Constitution like a mere thing of wax in their hands and shape it into any form that they wanted”. Fast forward […]

A day in the life of the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court…


It’s a day for new cases at the U.S. Supreme Court. “What is the first case up for consideration?” asks the chief justice. “It’s Johnson, Smith, Jones and Johnson vs. Utah,” the clerk said. “Oh, that’s the polygamy case?” said the justice. “Right,” said the clerk. “Since the court, in its wisdom, decided that it […]

Density will follow abortion and homosexual marriage


Zoning codes that are being pushed today throughout the country are fixed upon the greatest prize that government and urban planners seek to achieve – density. Like the term “sustainability” – which has a different meaning depending on who you ask – density also is a key word intended to force something undesirable upon the […]

32 Years After Beirut


As the Obama administration hails its nuclear agreement with Iran, within the Arab world the deal has been met with wariness and concern. The president says, “This deal offers an opportunity to move in a new direction.”  But Sunni hardliners were convinced the deal “signals U.S. acquiescence to the spread of Iranian power.” Egypt’s foreign […]

More and more troubling news keeps appearing on the horizon


As each week goes by, more and more information comes out that arouses my suspicions concerning the agenda being acted out by numerous groups around the nation. Almost every week, stories seem to be generated about attacks made on members of the police forces at all levels.  For a few months now, a concentrated attack […]

Beating H&H with a Walker Rocker


One of my jobs is to care for students as they travel around the world. Just a few days ago, I came out of the Darien jungle in Panama. I took 18 students to live there for four days of ministry to the Embera people group. We slept in mosquito net-covered hammocks, cooked our meals […]

Would a Jeb Bush/Hillary ballot mean a political dynasty?


Does America have political dynasties? Consider this. Since 1976, how many presidential elections have not had either former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole or a member of the Bush Family on the Republican ticket as president or vice president? The answer is two – in 2008 (Sen. John McCain and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin) and […]

Our zoning code should be protection for property rights


In last week’s article, I discussed the fact that so many property owners and their local governments are in conflict with each other.  This is in spite of the fact that most local governments have zoning codes and comprehensive plans that are intended to create harmony between the two. Where does this disparity begin?  I […]

A Social Stability Problem


A well-known Tulsa CEO told an “inside baseball” story about his company.  It would seem that persons unknown on a daily basis tried to hack into the company’s computer and accounts. It got so bad that the FBI made a call.  What they did was show from where in China the hacks were originating.  It […]